Re-rolling - Holy vs. Prot.

After finally realizing the degree of how bad rets really are, I am positive that it is time to re-roll specs. I have my own few reasons for choosing each, but the point of this thread is because I want to see what your guys' reason from playing holy or prot.

Maybe its because you've been tanking since vanilla, or maybe you just really like the new holy changes. Also if your still playing ret although you are well aware of how handicapped they are, it would be interesting to know why?

Basically I'm trying to get a huge pros and cons list for each spec from other players point of views. Also please don't be afraid to post from a PvP standpoint as well, as that is a pretty big point to my overall decision.
prot is going to be an easier transition, PvE and PvP

for PvP the gear is the same as ret*

*except of course the sword&board
Gid, PvPing in holy gear with role playing gear on would do more damage than ret.
I do more DPS than ret as holy

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