Cataclysm Warrior dps: Arms or Fury.

I will start off by saying that I already have an 85 rogue, and I am planning on rolling a Worgen Warrior (most likely).

Now I have some rather easy questions I would like answered before I actually make a commitment to actually leveling a warrior, and I was hoping people on here could help me out.

Now I remember not too long ago there was a projected idea of how much dps each class and spec would be doing. It was the following:

1.Shaman (elemental) - 24868dps
2.Warrior (arms) - 24810dps
3.Spriest - 24223dps
4.Warlock (aff) - 23927dps
5.DK (unholy) - 23674dps
6.Druid (balance) - 23322dps
7.Mage (fire) - 23164dps
8.Warlock (destro) - 23120dps
9.Warlock (demo) - 22554dps
10.Shaman (enhancement) - 21577dps
11.DK (frost) - 20803dps
12.Warrior (Fury) - 20770dps
13.Druid (Feral) - 19703dps
14.Mage (arcane) - 18856dps
15.Mage (frost) - 18783dps
16.Ret - 17892dps
17.Rogue ( mutilate) 17649dps
18.Rogue (combat) - 16885dps
19.Rogue (sub) - 14565dps
...Hunters - N/A dps

I don't particularly care about what is where on dps, and I don't want these numbers to distract from the post. What I am merely curious about is that are warriors still projected to be pulling this much dps in higher gear levels?

This leads into my other question, I realize that warriors are a class that scale extremely well with gear. As a rogue player, I can relate. However I am curious as to how much dps one can be expected to pull when they get roughly around half heroic gear?

I also intend to go arms, and am wondering if either arms or fury were nerfed significantly since these numbers and no longer pull this dps.

Anyways I hope you can all help me out with this. I think I will probably end up looking at a spreadsheet for the class as well. However to get some answers beforehand would be nice.

Thank you.
You should forget that list ever existed. Just an FYI.
Alright, as I said I don't really care about the list. I am merely wondering if anything projected on the list in regards to warriors is even remotely valid.
So you're a FotM reroller, got it.
No I have been meaning to make a warrior for awhile, I actually had one in late 60s, but I scrapped it because I Wanted to reroll one as worgen since it had the name "Fate" with no special characters.

I am merely curious if now is a good time to make one because dps is good or not. Because frankly is the dps is not good, there is absolutely no reason to be making a warrior right now since they bring absolutely no CC to dungeons.

Also if you can't answer any of the questions above, please don't reply. I am merely looking for answers here.
Well we're doing pretty good. We're easily competing.
12/20/2010 8:05 PMPosted by Samayael
So you're a FotM reroller, got it.

Well put Sam.

To Dey play what you like. Dont reroll now just because you think warriors is where it is at. I switched to a warrior because of guild needs for Cata since the tank/dps warrior we had moved to a west coast server. It was the best move I made. I like the way they play and think to myself i should of rolled one sooner.

But if you want decent dps and good cc go with a shammy. They have frog and bind elemental.
I already have an enhancement shammy actually. As for the play what you like sort of deal? It just isn't for me. I personally like being top of the charts in terms of dps, hence why my main toon since vanilla has been a rogue. Although I am a bit depressed with the current state of rogues, and that is saying something since I was able to tough it out during Wotlk Naxx where rogue dps was virtually useless unless you were using bugged HaT.

Currently I am doing fine with my rogue. However I also know after playing different toons (Whether they be my own, or my friends) the grass is often times greener on the other side.
You would be lucky to get 6-7k dps in half heroic gear on a normal boss fight in either spec.
My main is a fury war, and this is my up and coming rogue, so i have a decent idea of the play style of both classes. As always you have to wiegh the pros and cons of both classes. As far as survivability and cc goes, rogue. Rogues have a huge utility advantage, that being said though, they dont have as much raw power amd ruthlessness of a warrior. Rogue CDs are almost completely used to be tactical or to keep you from being attacked or getting hit at all. Warrior CDs melt faces, plain and simple.
You probably have solved your problem by now, But Im main specced arms, and fury is my secondary, Im in mostly 346 heroic gear, and some pieces of vicious gladiator gear. In arms i maxed out at 18k and kept a steady 17k dps. In fury the highest i got was about 14.5k. The only problems you might have is not generating enough rage, so i would suggest reforging into hit and experitse. I would generally go arms, seeing as how you can pvp with it and get high dps in PvE. Hope this hels, even if its late.

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