To All Of You PVP Rets Out There

I have been playing my pally for a while now and have been ret most of the time. However, after we got hit with the nerf bat this expansion rets are no longer useful. To make a long story short, If you want to continue pvping without having to heal, go protret. Protret is the only solution right now for dps pvp. We pallies were stripped of our arsenal of spells which were crucial for our survivability (cleanse, HoF antistun talent, Divine storm, Sacred Shield etc). Going Protret is an option obviously but it does not hurt to try it out. Just use all of the current pvp ret set you have and lose the 2h wep. Pick up a sword and board and your a tank. As a protret pally, I can take on most classes. I do well against melee classes because of my decent damage and survivability. Casters in the other hand are a little tougher but you can bet that you will be an annoyance to them with your avenger's shield which silences/dazes them. It is great for bg's because you can hold flags and nodes well until help arrives. So again, if you want to dps in pvp then go protret otherwise go holy. As paladins, we can only hope that blizz fix our broken class. If many pallys are using a spec designed only for pve TO PVP, then there is something def wrong. Anyhow, if you guys are interested check out my prot spec and glyphs for a sample protret pvp build.

Have faith mates, blizz cant be that cruel. I hope...

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