lvln ret in holy gear >.>

Im just wondering if there is any point leveling ret in my holy gear, as u can see on my armory page (if u could be bothered looking :P) I raid healed ok up to when ICC went live then i had to bail from wow for awhile and i've been grinding away at my other 80s.

Will it be feasible ? i didnt tank in wrath with this guy at all i just healed. And i basically leveled through grinding instances. But thats all dif now since i have to run round and discover the instances' entrances' 1st, which is what i dont want to do having already done that with my lock.
Cheers in advance :)
I'll have to say, no... I'm in heroic gear now and I still can't kill mobs as ret or holy.. It's really bad, I think I'm gonna have to get a ret set just to do dailies :(
You'll do more damage as holy in holy gear than ret in holy gear. Select the holy dps talents and put your "spare points into the lower ret and prot dps talents, glyph for dps and reforge for haste and you'll kill mobs very quickly and easily. Considering this you might want a two for holy leveling and the other for healing.
thanks peeps ! i`ll try a few things than i might consider grinding some more BoA gear i got the 2h axe and plate shoulders at least that is a start.
hhmm maybe BoA gear can't be taken into account? the green plate chest piece u get of Malfurion has atleast 200+ more strength on it lol.. I guess I wont be surprised that i need to replace the axe and chest piece with in my 1st few Qs....

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