I must be doing something wrong?!

Ran heroic Grim Batol with guild group last night. Trash was ok but the boss fights I had great troubles with healing.

Spamming HL with shocks and radiance when there is group-wide damage and I still could not keep people up on the bosses for the most part.

Are my mechanics incorrect or is it a group gear/tactics issue? Getting very frustrated and I know my guild members are as well.

Can you give me an example of your typical spell rotations for heroic boss fights? I know it is situational but is there a general mechanic that is used?
Something I've noticed is as long as you have decent gear and know how to play.... If your having massive trouble healing its not your fault. No longer can DPS/Tanks press 2 buttons and stand there and take all damage. If you going OOM and having to spam heal non-stop its because people are taking to much damage. Trust me when most fights are done right they feel like totally different fights then when you do them wrong.

Make sure your holy shock is on cooldown and judgement is on cooldown. Be in melee range if possible to get weapon swing mana procs. Personally I seldom use radiance and try to use my holy power w/ word of glory in hopes of getting another WoG.

I'd also look at moving some talent points around but thats just my personal opinion. IMO you don't need long range judgements as you should be fighting in melee or mid range most of the time. You should take the hit talents to make sure your judgements land and you proc your mana regen. Also I've found Paragon of Virtue to be a very good talent... Avenging Wrath and Divine protection 1min and 20 secs quicker has saved me so many times.
A few things to keep in mind...

If your tank didn't rotate cooldowns or get out of 'bad stuff', that would just tear through your mana. Facing the boss the correct way (although initially the tank's job, but some dps are dumb and run through cleaves/breaths) can cause the group to take extra damage.

The drake/caster boss in there not only drops puddles of "bad stuff", but has a frontal breath attack and summons those fire adds that *must* be killed before they get close to anyone. There's a lot of potential for bad there.
12/22/2010 6:23 AMPosted by Nogar
Ran heroic Grim Batol with guild group last night.

First boss? Yup, he's a #@!@* on healers when dps take too much unnecessary damage.

Second boss? See above.

Third boss? Fire elements.

Last boss? Adds spawning more adds... nightmare.

It's not your fault, the dps and tank need to position themselves better to minimize damage. The tank also needs to pop short cooldown cds during the bleed on first boss. Have dps kill the purple trogg away from the boss.
Need a tier or two out before we can deal with WOTLK stupid levels. Tell 'em to stay outta the fire. ;)

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