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So i read in the forums along time ago someone writing about blizz possibly making a long quest chain for a legendary hunter pet? Any thoughts on this??

Also, think it would be nice to be able to use some of our pets as mounts, being as we are hunters, we have tamed the beast and it will go fight and die for us, why would the same pet not let us ride it around--

Last comment- Would love to be able to tame a camel and have it go into combat with me, maybe using its humps as some sort of special focus draining ability or something

Bored waiting on servers to come back up, respond if you want :)
I completely agree with the whole pets as mounts. It would be great to ride around on my croc or fly around on my wasp.
Why is this I don't even...
That is because your a mage....go ride around on your water elemental LOL
12/22/2010 8:10 AMPosted by Huntingudown
That is because your a mage....go ride around on your water elemental LOL
Because I clearly don't have a hunter main.
Not at all.
we can tame how many pets now?? i think the we should be able to tame mounts as well... do we really need 20 pets?

better yet... mounts should have to be stabled like pets IMO...

a legendary pet quest would be just incredible!! but then would it be a faction or racial or would every hunter just have the same pet?? or maybe it would allow us to tame something else besides beasts!!
I think the sentiment here is just to bring something FUN and quirky to the hunter class. I think it would be a neat idea about making pet mounts. They have the model for Korkron Scorpion, not that much work other than scaling and simple mount models borrowed form other models to add to pets.

Just a dream at this stage but I am for it
Yea im sure its a common idea, still nice to think about though :)
thats just a clippin collision code they need to fix on the base model for character positioning. Technically in my opinion that should be like NUMBER ONE first thing fixed before it ever went to beta. If the modeling doesn't work right, don't put it in the game. /shrug
Would love to see some kind of quest chain to get a pet. Been hunting for some of the rare spawn beast for years now and havent even seen one. Would love to get the Terrorpene pet, that just looks cool
Same i spent more hours then i would like to admit trying to find a spirit beast in Wotlk, only to finaly find one and have a friend in group with me kill it because he didnt know i wanted it :/ Still go fly the routes everyday and yet to see another one-
i'm thinking it has something to do with the nature of the relationship between hunter and pet. yes play mechanics they may behave like a slave, but they aren't. mounts are our **!@*es, pets aren't.

but a legendary pet questline would be epic!
hmm.. maybe in WoW 2!!

and to stop someone from being so negative ( and posting with a non hunter... where is your hunter? ) blizz can do so much more than they are, they have laid people off since the activision merger... but with the sheer amount of people finishing up all the video game schools out there now... fixing a dated engine like the one in WoW would not be all that hard... you should see some of the projects that have come out from these people... or even some of them that play on the free wow servers!! it's insane!!

so with all the insanity aside... lets try to get a hunter tank spec and tamable mounts and a few legendary pets into the game... ooh... maybe thats the next expansion... i mean 5 levels and 2 races... of course the shattering was cataclysmic, but gimme the rest of the levels and another class!!! and we'll call it a day!
I'd much rather them make it - If it says "beast" then you can tame it.

To many cool looking beast you can't even tame, Why did they ever make it so you can't tame Hydras ect ect is beyond me.

I know you use to be able to tame Hydras but not anymore...But still

Rather see the ability to tame anything that is a beast - Minus of course a few like the Grinch ect.

But hydras, those mana worms, Outland strider things ect ect.
12/22/2010 10:19 AMPosted by Spiritrage
but a legendary pet questline would be epic!

Wouldnt it be...legendary?! Just sayin

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