Holy in 2v2 Arena

I can manage to heal myself against most DPS except DKs and Warriors. Warriors either bust me down after Col. Smash or they don't. Unfortunately, the skill has about a 30 second or so cooldown, and if their teammate CC's me after the Warrior lands it (i.e Stuns, Roots, Snares (while Hand of Freedom is off CD)) I just got torn up. Most of the time I'm forced to bubble to not die, then it gets busted down and the cycle begins again.

DKs just bring me down, slow and steady. I'm not sure what to do about it. It's pretty much useless to try to LOS them because of undispellable Chains, or, if I use Hand of Freedom to get away to LOS after Chains, I always get immediately Death Gripped right back to him anyway. People love to complain about Mages for some reason, but I can usually LOS them pretty well and only die to a well timed Counterspell.

Any other Holy Paladins have issues dealing with these 2 classes, or have any tips on dealing with them?

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