Ret vs. Holy vs. Prot

Break it down my fellow shiny peeps (I know that sounds kind of weird...)

Anyway, seriously which is best for what?
- PvP
- PvE
- Dungeons
- Heroics, etc.

I know ultimately it's what you prefer, but if we can gather enough good info in one thread this can help a lot of pallies out there that are searching around tirelessly.

Thanks for your input!
PvP - Holy!
PvE -Holy/Prot
Dungeons/Heroics - See above.

I'm not able to answer for ret, there are so many for & againsts.
Thanks for the input!

This is also a bump post.

Largest hit dealt = 20,815
PvE = LOL Ret(DPS), Holy(Heal), Prot(Tanking)

PvP = Prot (Best overall DPS), Ret (Good burst but only 20sec), Holy(Heals)

Prot in PvP offers more options to the team and burst is fine.
I can only speak for pvp.

Ret however is pretty much worthless in PVP.

Prot is a bit better then ret.

Holy is one of the more OP healing classes
ret is ok in arena

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