Ring of Frost counters.

I can trinket out of it, but how long until it refreezes me? Can I make it out?

I know I can bubble and run through it.

I know I can stay in the 'eye' and AS, Judge or Exo until duration is done.

How long do I have do move out when I first see it drop?

And is there a way to tell if the ring of frost on the ground is ally or enemy?

Any other tricks?
Wowhead says it pulses ever 100 milliseconds, not nearly enough time to escape if you trinket.

But seeing it has 2 second prep before it freezes you, you should be able to go around it or back off.

Then again, this is a mage, you're screwed 4 ways from Sunday anyway.
But you are HoF'ing because of the snare components of frost that are already on you, right? Because HoF doesn't protect you from Ring of Frost. Correct?

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