A possible fix for Ret pvp

Ive been reading the retribution forums for 8 months daily now, reading every post, blue posts, everything. Ive heard all the different ideas of how to fix our mobility on the forums, like snares, undispellable HoF (which GC already said was considered too OP in their books anyway), or putting the seal of justice effect back on judgement (i see nothing wrong with this one). But to fix our mobility issue, which is due in part that our uptime on our target is to low, is maybe allow our Laotl also give us an ability, that the next time we hit our target with a white swing, it stuns them for 2 secs. It would give us our needed uptime, and also would give us some sort of mitigation of damage in 1v1 combat. It would also give us a reason to use Laotl against melee other than a "get to them quicker before the battle starts" talent. This wouldnt be OP, because as of right now, the damage output of warriors are higher in pvp, and even their built in healing at times surpasses ours, yet they have stuns out the woohoo now.

Most ret fix post threads are fixes that would either make ret op, or be exploited.

I do feel though, that our reliance on our cds, that are dispellabe in pvp and almost instantly are, needs to be chilled out and we need to have the ability to stay on our target more, which brings me to my point.

It isnt like we are hitting harder than DKs or warriors, and they have sufficient roots, ccs, Mitigation, and gap closers. If our ramp up time is going to be longer than theirs, we should have more up time on a target to get that ramp time up.

I dont feel that we would need any sort of more mitigation as is as ret, IF we can stay on our target longer than we are now, with that stun attached. Our burst is not dangerous enough for us that when we acutally get to a target, we do decent enough damage to make up for the time we were getting roflshot/snared. So the stun, which would probably used twice in a fight against a ranged class, would give a total of 4 s of a dmg stomper on that ranged class. That is not only a good gap closer tool, and even interrupt, but also a good mitigation tool. Ret is the most squishy class at the moment, and though i know its part of the design that blizz is going for for ret that we be "more of a threat, but more easy to take out", this would still allow us to be squishy, and if focus fired, our lack of mitigation would still no doubt shine :P

So. Any thoughts?

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