Aeonaxx kills/sightings

Earthen Ring
I have been camping out for Aeonaxx for the entire week trying to mount him. I have not seen him once. I am wondering if anyone on this realm has seen or killed this rare, nor have i seen the bat. It's extremely frustrating. All of the posts on other sites have been kills in Earthen Ring EU none in the US.

At this point I'd be happy enough to see someone else kill it.
I believe Narv has it.
I just killed him last night about 22:48 server time. I was just doing a random check and he spawned about 5 seconds after I was in the air about Stonecore level near the Temple. Was a fun fight and the parachute is nice!

Good luck!

Kurinaxx? HE'S BACK? *_*
It exists. Prayers and Dimere each have one alliance side. Dimere got his within the last week or so, I believe.
Teilina got hers at six PM today, July seventh. Got mine in late December/early January. Shredrogers and, I believe, Kalyino have one too.
Sorry to necro a post, but saw my name and thought I'd say when I got mine.
March 24, 2011 at about Midnight server time. I used up all my luck for a while and got the grey camel within days of this, actually. Good luck to those hunting him!
Does Aeonaxx gets a timer like the TLPD used to get and share with Blood Seeker?

I used to farm a little TLPD and Aeonaxx 6 months ago and I recall to have seen the latter once dead.
Everything indicates Aeonaxx shares a timer with Blood Seeker and the latter despawns within seconds of spawning.

Wish there was a way to know when the last Aeonaxx/Blood Seeker sighting was.
ive been camping all day for the past 4 days and havent seen him yet :P
Just got a kill 2:10pm server time 9/22
I killed him about two months back (on my rogue, got lucky lol). Most beautiful mount in the game.
After farming for a week with little sleep, he sure is.

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