Horde Pallys. holycows or BE

For ret pve whats better? cows or elves? Im faction changing to horde and I would like to know, which of the two benefit pve ret the best or better lol
Definitely Blood Elves. Blood elves were made to be pally's where as Tauren's only have perks for their previous class combinations. I know I'm 72 but Blood Elves are perked much better. (Not just because they're 'pretty').
Blood Elf. Cows are fairly useless.
12/17/2010 10:13 PMPosted by Stiggz
Blood Elf. Cows are fairly useless.

But why? that what Im asking I just want more info before I spend 30 bucks for a meh race you know lol
well cows get the small stamina boost which is always nice plus they have their stun

BE get an interrupt which nowadays who doesnt want another one of those? and the same ability gives them some mana back...which we already have a fair amount of through other abilities

2 words: Arcane Torrent(did i spell it right?)
only reason i didn't race change
(also BE's look the best in Judgement Gear)
yea... cause racials are soooo game breaking.... play what one you think looks better
I would make a Blood Elf, I dislike tauren paladins more than Blood elf paladins, Horde shouldn't have Paladins and Alliance shouldn't have Shaman but I'm closed minded like that.
12/18/2010 3:05 AMPosted by Fulana
If male, then Tauren, otherwise your horde guild / groups will think you likeee the eggs and sausages instead of pink salmon. If you DO go Belf, go female, they are more masculine than male belfs. (my opinion)

Not everyone is 12 years old ya know.
I'm... what?


Okay. Tauren have their health boost. Nice, but not hugely useful for PvE. Almost all bosses are immune to War Stomp. Herbalism bonus is rather meh - lifebloom's pretty nice now, seeing as we love ourself some haste, but there's going to be little (if any? I'm not even sure if the higher skill has an impact) difference. War Stomp is okay if you're on trash, but all it's going to do in a best case scenario is buy your healing two seconds or so of rest.

Blood Elves get their magic resists - honestly, a more helpful survival boost than Tauren's health in this not-always-topped-up world of Cataclysm. Arcane Torrent can silence/interrupt a lot of bosses, and while Rebuke is nice, sometimes you might needa do two interrupts in under 10 seconds. The mana return also means you might be able to let off a consecrate you wouldn't be able to, but it's mostly useless. Enchanting Bonus doesn't really have any impact in the end.

Base stat differences are negligible the moment you start getting greens, and overall the Horde's paladins are at a little disadvantage to Ally ones. But hey, you guys get orc racials.
Tauren: Because Belf was just a placeholder...

Belfs, you are dismissed! /shoo
It makes no difference, there's just 2 questions to ask before choosing.

1. Would rather a short stun, or another short silence off the GCD?

2. Do you really need the extra Tauren hp?

That's really the only difference besides base stats which is only 2-7 points different. Belf has higher base agi and int, so like 50 more mana and .02% chance to crit or something negligible at 85.
If you just look at stats than Tauren are better.

- racial interrupts casting and gives you bit of mana (good for holy)

- more health (great for tanking and pvp survival)
- racial interrupts casting, stuns target (good for any spec as it gives you time to heal, dps, etc)

(I wont count other racials as they are pretty useless for most part, just small conveniences such as herbalism etc...)

Hope this helps,

I think Tauren are favorable here.
Dethald, its not just an interrupt, AT has a 2 second silence. It is extremely useful when CC breaks on a caster and you need to get them into the kill zone for PvE, and who doesn't love a full AoE silence that can't be interrupted/prolonged. A rogue beating on you can give the other teams healer that extra second to get outta the War Stomp range, unless they changed it to where its cast time wasn't extended through hits.
Arcane Torrent restores mana to you and silences... it wins.
I'd love a cow but they are too big and on many indoor fights, I cant see anything.
I like Tauren, not because of Warstomp, but I actually like the passive Nature Resistance we got.

Granted how the game goes now, I expect the need of Resistances for the Skywall raids, given it's all air elementals.

Tauren weapons also aren't tooth picks and they have a practical way of holding sword and board. ;)

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