Horde Pallys. holycows or BE

I chose my race based on animations/gear scaling on the character.. though I am a little upset with how this axe I have scaled with my character.. never had an issue before.
Bloodelf for holy because of the mana gained from arcane torrent. However small it may be, it has helped me more than once.
For ret or prot, however, i would go with tauren because mana is not a big issue with those two specs.
If i were not holy, and ret were tolerable, i'd be a cow right now. : ]
For Holy PVE. Blood Elf is the best choice. Arcane Torrent returns mana, which is needed far more then 5% base health increase. The silence from it vs. the stun from tauren are both situational and just as useful. The profession bonuses do not factor in.

Finally the resists, arcane vs nature. The paladin resist aura doesn't cover them at all which is good, don't quote me on this but it does not stack with other resist buff (mainly MoTW, i am guessing at this since paladin aura plus my passive 85 frost resist being dwarf does not stack.) Also I have seen more arcane damage go out rather then nature resist in other raids, I do no know about any cata raids but i would suggest that it still holds true.

So Blood Elf holy pally is the best, PS. Go female since I don't like how the males look.
12/18/2010 11:59 AMPosted by Ear
Tauren Paladin is just stupid.

elvs in the horde was dumb, i would honestly be fine with them shipping you guys to alliance and the horde having 1 less race. Especially now that we got our little ugly goblins back.

Honestly elves were just a gimmick to balance the factions anyway. Back in vanilla alliance outnumbered horde 4:1 on the majority of servers. And most of the horde was undead. So they gave us a pretty race to draw players and hey it worked.

tauren male are way more awesome than elves will ever be. /opinion
Just a personal opinion, but I don't want to launch the game to see a giant fiery dragon and the word cataclysm and expect hella chaotic !@%* then go to my select char screen to see

....... A cow -_-"
I'm prettier than a cow.

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