(H) Afflicted Recruiting

Area 52
Because of some scheduling conflicts Afflicted is now open recruitment. We are looking for raiders as well as social players to run heroics. We will be a two night a week mandatory raiding group, with heroics and pvp on other nights. Afflicted is currently a lvl 4 guild closing in on lvl 5!

Our raid nights will be Monday and Tuesday from 8pm till 11:30pm! We will be a semi-hardcore group of raiders! Our focus will be the completion of any and all content with primary focus on completing hard modes and achievements.
Current needs:
Priest, Resto Shaman or Resto Druid

We are also looking for anyone who would like to join a guild to run heroics and pvp and just help with overall guild progression.

We will be a very close knit guild with little tolerance for drama. The members we have now have raid experience dating back to vanilla wow.

We are currently looking for anyone who wishes to acquire a raiding position!
We will also looking for any casual/social players to help guild advancement.

If you are interested feel free to message me in-game or check out our website at
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LFM for our guild, please visit our Website with more Info...
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