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I seriously can't stand bell or rogers, every other country in this world has improving internet with cheaper prices.

Oh no, not Canada, we get high-prices and extremely low caps -- which if you're in the middle of Alberta can be expected, but not if you're living in southern Ontario.
The only thing you can do is complain to your MP or the CRTC. Rogers and Bhell are corrupt corporations!
Seems as though they've finally gotten around to updating it.

3. Are there other applications that could be impacted by Rogers traffic management measures?
If your Internet connection cannot attain full speed while using an application, such as encrypted FTP, please ensure that you are using the standard port assigned for the application/protocol in question (as per the IANA:
If you cannot find the application/protocol listed in the IANA's website or you're not currently using the assigned port listed, it is possible that the application/protocol being used may be impacted by traffic management if your Internet connection is using a P2P file sharing application at the same time.
To resolve this issue, please close the affected application and check that all P2P file sharing applications are not running on the Internet connection. When you turn the affected application back on, ensure you are using the standard port assigned and there are no P2P file sharing applications running.
Note: Allow up to 10 minutes after terminating the P2P applications before you restart the affected application to ensure the application is not affected by traffic management. Verify that all computers connected to the Internet follow the trouble shooting process above.
If the problem still persists, please use our online chat at for further assistance.

They also took out that little "Rogers does not manage streaming, voice over IP (VOIP), browsing or VPN applications." disclaimer, wonder when we'll start seeing them throttle those services as well..

I would suggest at this point everyone call in and demand compensation. It took them over 3 months to update the network management policy to match what they were actually doing.
so has this been fixed yet?
Wow, no wonder I wasn't disconnecting yesterday. They finally fixed it, yipee!
Fixed? Hardly. They just admit it now, rather than flat out denying it like they have been during the past three months.

That "rule" I quoted essentially says their throttling technique will effect other traffic, but you can stop it by stopping your p2p apps.

And since they removed their disclaimer stating they do NOT throttle VOIP, web traffic, and VPN, they're basically opening it up to allow throttling of such services. Chances are VPN traffic will soon be throttled because they've realized that users are using it to bypass the other throttling Rogers does.
i think they are d/cing me alot today on purpose.. everyone write them hate mail
01/02/2011 5:42 PMPosted by Demonomania
i think they are d/cing me alot today on purpose.. everyone write them hate mail
This isn't going to accomplish anything, really.
Sending a well formed letter with reasons why this new policy is terrible, however, might get someones attention if they were to receive a large number of letters.

As with most services, volume is key. If only a single person writes in, it will likely be disregarded, but if a large number of customers write in, the issue is more likely to get addressed in some way. If, say, a major news network were to get involved, Rogers would most definitely have to address the situation.
Well for the past two days I haven't been disconnected...
i wrote a letter adressing the issue and they came back saying

I understand your concerns and would be glad to assist you. Unfortunately, we are uanble to disable this feature on our network as it is something that is automatically enforced for all Rogers users.
this is ridiculous especially during peak hours
I'm on rogers and I haven't had any problems. Probably because I'm in a smallish community(~40k people). I wouldn't be surprised to see that the majority are in major metro centres(london/kw/GTA/ottawa/kingston/etc) and are having problems. Rogers has always been vicious on throttling like that.

Btw. Anyone who gets tickets opened on this. Post your ticket number here, that way other rogers customers can reference them when they call.

I'll repeat that:

If you get a trouble ticket, post it here.
I don't blame the ISP's. Blizzard needs to recognize that they aren't going to be able to control how networks are managed and accept the fact that their recent change to how this data is communicated needs to be reverted, otherwise they are going to face a lot of people who can't play the game any more cancelling their accounts.

While I agree that it would be more convenient for Blizzard to revert back to their old protocol as opposed to trying to have every ISP change their management, this is simply a case of the internet becoming a commodity that is being regulated and capitalized and the end user getting the short end of the stick.

That's a whole nother discussion though about politics and net neutrality and the ethical implications of throttling consumers.

However if ISP's cannot handle certain traffic then why sell the package? I have the highest package in my area and it's obvious Rogers cannot deal with my consumption. I'm without a doubt a higher than average bandwidth consumer but I believe in the fact that I paid for it, so I can use it however as I like as long as I'm within my limits - which I am.

Rogers seems to think differently
01/04/2011 4:24 PMPosted by Wyvern
Rogers seems to think differently
Rogers thinks like most telecom companies. You need us, we don't need you.
Rogers thinks like most telecom companies. You need us, we don't need you.

And that's the problem. The government, in Canada at least, allows Bell and Rogers to pretty much dominate all telecommunications mediums. Any new ISP is just a re-distributor of either Bell or Rogers and we're paying ridiculous prices for bandwidth and speeds that are dwarfed by those I've seen in Europe and Asia.

We have very little choices so just changing ISPs isn't really an option for most in Canada unfortunately

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