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Night everyone!

Today around 10:00 PM I was disconnected to do my mysterious 2000+ latency, now that I have tried to log in several times it takes about 3 minutes for the load screen to finish loading the content this is when suddenly I get disconnected. Sometimes it loads I play for 2-3 minutes and once again I get -You Have Been Disconnected From The Server-

I bet it's my lousy internet provider but anyways, someone has my problem? Or is there any solution?

Do you live in toronto and use Rogers? cuz ive been having the same problem since this morning.
In toronto and i use rogers and i am having the same problem. Started a couple hours ago
this happened to me at around 12. Then I went AFK and came back just now, but the problem persisted.
I live in kitchener and having the same problem, started last night.
I am in Western Australia and I am having a similar problem. I log in and it either disconnects me right away, or it lets me stay on for a little bit and my latency shoots up to about 6000ms. Then it either disconnects me again or comes down, gets to about 2000ms and disconnects me again. End result is always disconnection with really bad latency in between.

Wish there was news on the problem..
I live in London, Ontario and I am having this problem
downtown toronto and rogers. called them earlier today and I asked them about the problem. i asked them if it's due to the throttling problem, they simply said it's impossible.

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