Tankadin Help?

Before Wrath came out, I tanked as a pally quite a bit. Nothing crazy, just a casual player, but when I played, I was usually tanking. I never got wrath because playing was just too time consuming with school, but now I'm back. However, now that wotlk and cataclysm have both come out, I'm at pretty much a complete loss. No good rotation, not really sure what my talent tree should look like, and I dont have any idea what the glyphs are (are they from the new wotlk proffession?)... etc. The point being, if anyone could help straighten me out, I'd appreciate the help. Any advice would be helpful, from general tips to pretty much anything else you can think of. Thanks!

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^ has everything you would want to know.
This thread will give you a ton of info for playing a protadin. Granted, it mostly provides info for max level, but a lot of the info is very helpful for leveling purposes and understanding rotations and class mechanics.


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