Need Help - Brothers in Death

This quest is for the Death Knight - you have to save a <Koltira Deathweaver>, because he's been captured and taken into <Scarlet Hold>. I have searched EVERY inch of the hold, and there is no sign of him ANYWHERE. I've been at this for 2 and 1/2 hours, and I've been searching for help for an additional 2 hours... please, someone tell me where she is, or maybe it's a bug that needs to be fixed. Eitherway, I cannot continue until this quest is complete - the follow up is needed to continue any other quests in Scarlet.
Please and thanks..
nvm found him...
Hey I am having the same issue, can someone at least give me a hint?
nope nvm got it too lol

look for a small door on the first floor. Go downstairs....
That is exactly what I am looking for, a door to a lower level! I knew there had to be one, it's similar to a quest I resolved in this forum some time back when there was a hard to notice "hard right turn/opening" that took me straight to the "NPC ?" I was searching for over many hours. THANKS FOR THAT!
For the record, Tazzoc was my prime character when i started asking questions here. Presently, he just lives at the AH. My DK is a wholly different character as is my lead character. I add this note to ensure nobody is confused about a lvl 15 asking about a DK quest.
Okay, I owe y'all. Here's the deal. When you go inside, turn right. At the wall left. You'll win your fights so then it's another left. Long walk down that hall, fights or no fights, then before the room there is a DOORWAY on the right - not a door, and it's full sized but it's DARK - we all walked right past it. Down those stairs you'll complete the quest. Stay with Koltira and when he gets "dressed" stay inside the bubble until your real enemy shows up. Kick in a ghoul and fight face to face, win, then HAUL BUTT behind Koltira and race to the tavern - don't fight. Whoever follows you into the tavern,'ll see.

Thanks, y'all.....
Ugg.. I've been looking for this guy FOREVER with my DK. Thanks ! Glad I found this thread.
Terminal blindness is jarringly common apparently.
08/05/2012 11:09 AMPosted by Conformity
Terminal blindness is jarringly common apparently.

... Not to mention serial necromancy.
I found the doorway thanks to you guys. But the doorway is sealed and I can't get through
suck my *@%!@*@*.
Ok so I finished this quest and found him in the basement but I didn't accept his next quest in time, where the actual !@#$ did he go

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