Hand of Freedom

Lately when I've been running around, I've found instances where Hand of Freedom won't work. I have only confirmed two of them.

Frostbrand Weapons will slow me through Hand of Freedom. Alligator pets for hunters also have a slow that goes through Hand of Freedom, but I don't know the name of it. Both of these are not cleans-able, so I figure it has something to do with that. I am fairly certain they are not classified as dazes, either.

Is this supposed to be happening? I've only noticed this happening just recently, at least, since Cata's release. I have no idea how long this has actually been happening.
There's two ways that Hand of Freedom can work:

1. It has a huge list of spell names that it removes and grants immunity to when you cast it
2. Spells are flagged as "snare", "root", etc. and Hand of Freedom removes all debuffs with that flag

If it's the first case then those spells are not on the big list of things that Hand of Freedom removes.

If it's the second case then those spells are not flagged correctly.

Either way you should post this in the bug report forums instead of here. It's not intended behaviour.
DKs also have 2 of them as well... their ground effects and another one of their snares.

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