holy pve rotation 82-85

Never lvled as holy befor have always been ret just wondered if all i do is holy shock and auto attack mobs etc?

Seal of insight is my main seal i use correct?

Sorry for the noob questions
exorcism is your friend. it's your spammable nuke.
Spec into two talents, one that increases damage of holy shock and exorcism by 10/20 and another that reduces mana cost of exorcism by 75% and gives holy shock a chance to proc an instant free exorcism. Both in holy tree. Unfortunately although its initially fine, after 83 ret just takes far over any use holy has
Holy Shock on CD
Exorcism between
Inquisition when you hit 3 HP
Time AW with a 3 HP Inquisition use
Judge on CD if you're having mana issues at any point

You will want to spec into any and all talents that increase the damage of Holy Shock, Exorcism, or holy damage in general. :D
as a heads up, you will want to change your spec at 85 for dungeons/heroics/raids, away from the exorcism/holy shock damage and more on the healing bit.

always helps to toss out the gold for dual-spec and have one for questing/dailies.

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