NPC Scan help.

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So I have NPC scan and I've found some things and i'm trying to clear it and nothing I do works. I've tried deleted the cache and i've also tried going into the cache and deleting the specific folders. Nothing I do will clear NPCscan. Anyone know how to go about clearing my NPC scan since deleting the cache isn't working right now?
Clearing your cache is it.

Are you sure you aren't just reading the interface wrong and it is cleared?

Also, you are closing WoW before removing it right?
Good call. :) I was clearing my cache while logged in then just restarting WoW. Fail =P
Well I go to the public folder now and there isn't anything under World of Warcraft anymore. No enus, no wdb, no cache folder. Tried unhiding hidden folders..Negative. Any advise when there isn't a Cache folder at all? Even uninstalled Npc scan and that won't clear it either :(
Virtual Store likely has your files in another location. should help you with this.

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