PvP holypally helpp!

So I have just started arenas. I'm having some trouble figuring out what kind of rotation or spells i should use without going oom so quick. I use flash of light alot but am trying to use holy light now. But the casting time is so long and when i'm getting ganked i bubble and try to flash of light myself with my guardian up but i still go oom. i use divine plea my arcane torrent and i try to melee as much as i can but its just so annoying. I saw this one holy pally in arena who was healing like friggen crazy and barely even used her mana. Im guessing she used word of glory but mines doesnt heal for THAT much. unless i should stack my holy power but most times i need to give a heal off quick. Any ideas or tips? Greatly appreciated!
Use Holy Shock every cooldown
Use WoG every time you have 3 HP, unless its an emergency
When you get quickcast procs, use HL unless its an emergency
Judge on every CD

It's kind of hard to go OOM unless you have to resort to spamming FoL to keep people alive, which may happen sometimes. If its happening a lot, you or your teammate are probably undergeared. The better gear you get the less issues you'll have.

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