Pally Tanking OP?

12/20/2010 10:07 AMPosted by Angrybirds
The missing piece of this story is what gear was he in vs your gear and was he that much better than you.

not sure with gear, i know that im just barley out of heroics, but he was doing a reg so im guessing either he died to much in heroics or wasnt geared enough for heroics so im guessing about pre-heroic gear
Want to know what he was doing on Grim Batol reg? the same as im doing. Farming the last boss tank weapon. If you check my gear you will see that im pretty much heroic geared but in order to get a better weapon the best choice is in this intance (even if it is 333).

Grim Batol on Heroic mode is a pain to any tank with pug groups. So what at least i'm doing, is triying to get the weapon on normal mode and after more geared pugs are aviable, farm in heroic mode.
Mace of transformed bones is the weapon "I highly recomend this for a tank weapon before you are able to do Grim Batol on Heroic mode.


Btw, whenerver i go into GB normal mode, i always end in the first place. Of course there is a big difference betwen the gear i have (mostly Heroic) and the gear you get from the progression at the point you first do GB normal.

Every tank does a lot of DPS when they're getting beat on hard.
Yep, that help aswell. And even more if you are not using cc for trash like me. :p
he was pulling average mobs sizes of the three to four on Grim Batol, we only got to second boss and he left without warning so i am thinking he was angry since he nearly died then and died multiple times, but if it was because he was not using cc(im taking it u dont mean crowd control and if ur not then idk what it is) then idk, maybe fail tank who wouldnt use it or what but i dont think i should have been competing with a tank after leaving basic 80 gear

Check the bolded and underlined part. I can pull some serious dps if I put on my dps set and stack strength over anything else. Problem is I tend to be a bit squishy. So if your tank was wearing such a set and pulling without CC then he would easily have rediculous dps numbers but end up dying alot. If you are wearing a tanking set you can still get pretty decent numbers but there is no way you should be close to dying in GB even if you dont CC unless your healer is fail.
I'll take "What is Vengeance" for 100, Alex.

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