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From what I have been seeing there is a huge division between the PvPers the PvEers people on both sides of the fence, people who say everything is fine with x people who think x is broken, ect, there's too much trolling here and there and everywhere. It's making the entire forum a headache. There is hardly any getting along when people are calling eachother baddies just because they don't agree on this or that. The semi-constructive posts are getting bashed around to some extent. People are calling everything some form of QQ. People getting bashed because they don't pvp well enough, or don't pve. All of it needs to end to some extent we need some sort of common ground between each other instead of banding together to bash some person because they just have a different opinion. I really don't know what that common ground should be, it will probably be hard to come up with some with all the hate I'm seeing around the place.

inb4 "lol u suck at pvp" no one cares it is just a game get over it if I don't pvp or arena. IMO pvp died when arenas came out, but that is just MY opinion.

I suggest we start giving positive feedback on posts instead of all the trolling of "you're just bad" and help the "this is what needs to be fixed" topics, because you can not say there is nothing wrong with the paladin class as a whole right now. Blizzard even said mastery wasn't working like they wanted it for us so you have no excuse for saying there is nothing wrong.

I'm probably repeating myself now so I'll just leave it at this, please stop with all the hate.
I never got the PvP or PvE arguments. Regardless of how awesome you may or may not be at this game, everybody is still just sitting on their ass in the real world.
But I'm better at sitting on my ass.

Actually, I really think things are mostly fine. Sure they could be better, but they could be worse too. I suppose I'll have to wait until my guild gets farther in raid progression before I make a serious commitment to one side of the fence or the other.

I don't think I've ever called someone bad, and I'm puzzled as to why people are so quick to jump to the conclusion, for my own part. It's not like you can stand over their shoulders watching them press the keys and come to a decision based on that. It's all really guesswork, and with how much of the rotation seems to be tied to purely random behavior (art of war + mastery) it seems to be rather difficult to judge based on even that.
See regardless of if your into PvP or PvE, everyone agrees there is atleast something wrong with the class. I think the only thing thats causing all of this is the fact that we have not heard much about our problems, nor their plans to fix it.

I mean the other day we saw Holy Paladins got nerfed in a hot fix, why cant we be buffed in a hotfix? I have put my paladin on the shelve, and put my priest back into the main screen, I leveled my paladin first cause I fell in love with Ret. I have actually for the first time considered rolling back on my dk. Sad era for paladins.
I feel like this needs a bump after seeing a "you're just bad" type reply in a topic.
I agree. I hate when a thread complaining about the RNG factor of Retribution, for example, gets trolled to death by people saying "Learn 2 play" or "It gets better with gear", when nothing can be done by the player to improve RNG beyond increasing the chance to proc.

It amazes me that, when someone makes a comment about how clunky Ret play is or about how Wings and Zealotry clash, they get met with harsh resistance from the "Learn 2 play" crowd. It's almost as bad as arguing with Republicans...
It is really sad how divided our own class forum is.

also, bringing up politics is probably a no-no unless you wanna get some flaming.
12/20/2010 3:03 AMPosted by Allíe
also, bringing up politics is probably a no-no unless you wanna get some flaming.

I'm not bringing it up, merely making a comparison to real life to make a point that all debate, both about serious topics and about leisurely ones, get derailed by single-minded individuals who have no rational argument outside of demonizing and insulting their opponents.

Edit: And please, I'm in Proudmoore in a Taint guild. I get flamed solely for that reason alone if someone is savvy enough about it.
I don't even know why I bother being on the forums when half the paladins are eating the other's alive for having an opinion which makes them a baddie.
12/20/2010 3:33 AMPosted by Allíe
I don't even know why I bother being on the forums when half the paladins are eating the other's alive for having an opinion which makes them a baddie.

Why you let them get you down is beyond me. That's like getting upset because and Ivy leaguer insulted you for going to Berkley.

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