Holy Paladin vs Death Knight


I am new to playing Holy Paladin (was always a dps class in previous WoW releases). I am running a HP/Warrior combo in my 2v2 and am consistently getting owned whenever a death knight gets on me. This happens the most when my Warrior/Pally runs in to a Deathknight/Pally. My warrior sticks on his paladin and the DK sticks to me. The point is that I have no idea how to defend myself against the DK.

I do my best to LoS, cleanse, freedom, and ultimately distance myself from his DPS while at the same time healing myself, but it seems like it is only a matter of time until I have blown my bubble and am out of CDs while my warrior (who is a strong player) is only forcing the bubble on their pally.

Do other players running HP/War stick their warrior on the DK? Also, is there some tactic I am missing for a 1v1 battle against a DK that will help me survive an extra minute? One more minute would probably be enough to win the match.

Thanks for any help!
dk's Necrotic Strike sucks for a healer, but you just have to work around it. Im not saying its op, its a cool mechanic for them just somethin we are goin to have to figure out.
Thanks for the tips! Are you suggesting popping Guardian of Ancient Kings at the same time as a Holy Radiance to double the healing effect when getting bursted?

I will take your advice on the equipment and spec changes too. Thanks.

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