Suggestions for ret paladin?

So far, I've experienced zero PvE, so I cant really give much input there as the knowledge base is non-existent. However, I've been PvPing since hitting 85 and, I will not say that Ret is horrible. I just feel as though its unfinished. As though its lacking something. In development, if you will. In my honest opinion, I think they are lacking another Crusader Strike-esque move. OR, lower the mana cost on exorcism. I also think Ret paladins need better healing. As they are a hybrid class, their success comes from versatility, rather than complete offensive domination(such as a mage atm.) I can be at 1/4 health and burn all of my mana healing and still not be completely full. Yes, I hear you pure dps'ers out there, disagreeing to the full extent with my previous statement, but as stated, they are a hybrid class. So, thats my reccomendation. They dont need anything special, just some simple tweaks. Thoughts?
Ditch our current mastery for something less RNG, rework Divine Purpose to 100% chance of a charge of HP on judgement only, make TV refresh Inquisition's duration with a talent, and make dispels not destroy us so hard in pvp.

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