Where to turn?

I'm on icecrown. There is no pvp here. Its BGS only.

Whats a good realm i can go to that has a huge (or atleast existant) pvp community?

I just want a guild, arena teams, you know?
Looking for a good realm. Please help ive looked around, with no luck.
Blackrock is the horde pvp hub. Watch me get publicly hanged for telling you that.
why would you get hanged?

and thanks, any other suggestions? or is that a general agreement?
Illidian is generally pretty PvP oriented. Its a pretty full server however so you may have to wait to play. Very horde heavy too.
illidan vs blackrock? which is better forpvp?
I don't know much about Blackrock.

Try the Realm Forums. Ask questions there. Illidian has some pretty big tools and some really nice people. The scale is bigger on this server than any other Ive been on.
Kayolyn, do you mean stormrage? (your realm?) or did you mean illidan?
Illidian... Stormrage is the most alliance heavy population ever(and also full of tools, but Ive run into more nice people than tools versus Illidan)...Why do you ask?
Dude no kidding man! I moved from a PvP realm (Dunemaul) back when WoTLK first came out to play with some friends on this server, but PvP is my calling man and there aint %*%% for World Ganking PvP at all here. Its just people waiting in the cities for there queues to pop for dungeons / BGs or Arenas. <--- that %*%% is lame. But, that's what we get for being on a RP-PvP server. : / Anyways man thanks for asking some people this question cause I've been interested in doing the same thing and moving to a better PvP server with better people to PvP with.

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