Let the numbers do the talking(real numbers)

12/20/2010 6:19 PMPosted by Criceto
Mages: 5,301

If mages can get last on a fight, something is definitely odd...

1268 kills, 22660 wipes, 5.3 % success.
88424 DPS, 24739 HPS, 444.0 seconds.

the success rate is also odd. This probably means people probably die from adds of some sort...Doesn't prove anything

Why is noone using this to do comparisons? Feel free to check different fights, they all look the same. Ret somewhere below 10th best dps spec in each fight with recorded data. This compares the top 200 or so of each spec on each fight.

This isn't comparing an epic geared to a non epic geared toon. This is cold hard numbers about what the highest parses seen for any given spec are. They are eye opening.
12/20/2010 6:10 PMPosted by Ondskan
what you posted is damage done, not dps



If mages can get last on a fight, something is definitely odd...

Arcane and Frost are both below retribution right now according to the DDF thing, and Fire is only barely better. Mages aren't doing too well in PvE.
more people need to look at the data...
12/20/2010 5:33 PMPosted by Tsegah
Do you have any evidence to back up your position? How is the wow meters data flawed? You suggest the sample size is a problem. Give us some numbers. Please give us some proof, not just words, or else your position is very weak.

Argaloth 10man:

125 entries total

1435 Kills
2969 wipes
4404 Entries

Which do you think is the better sample size?

I think the bigger the sample, the better. But that doesn't mean that a sample of 125 is chopped liver. It is certainly enough to show a trend.

So let's look at the world of logs data. On 10 man there is a paladin at 20, and that's it for the top 300. In 25, it's even worse.

So it seems that both sources indicate terrible paladin dps. Furthermore, the fact that world of logs data seems to consistently mirror wow meters data indicates that wow meters is pretty reliable, no? Or are both sources flawed?

Can anyone post some data showing paladins as a group doing reasonably well across a number of fights? If not, why are we even debating this? I take paladin low dps as proven until someone can offer evidence to the contrary.
Let's try a different tack: if, as some are claiming, paladin dps is competitive, why are paladins not showing up at the top of raid dps statistics? The best outlier I've found thus far was at #20, and he was the only one in the top 100 of all the fights I've looked at.

How do you reconcile paladins having competitive dps with no paladins appearing when competitive dps is tracked?
If you think our damage is low in PvE, well then you would quit playing a pally in PvP for sure. Once again, just like vanilla WoW, impossible to kill healers, and extremely difficult to beat locks, shadow priests, and frost mages. Big problems now with rogues and warriors.

My girlfriend and I just sit and watch me play, laughing at how inadequate this class is in PvP. It's so stupid I won't even bother using it at all in PvE.

But don't worry; it will only take Blizz 4 years to actually fix the class, just like the amount of time it took them to fix it in the first place.

12/20/2010 7:06 PMPosted by Lunarlief
Look up some palidan pvp.
Or the fact that below lv 80 it seems, the only thing more godly than a palidan is a rogue.

please go away
12/20/2010 4:25 PMPosted by Sparklefairy
I hereby give you the challenge to find me 1 pally player in any top 10 DPS of any cata raid... I apologize for not being able to find one, not even in #10...of any of the 4 raid instances, 10 man or 25 man....



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