A few suggestions to improve ret dps

First, take Divine Storm off the shared cooldown with Crusader Strike. That's just rediculous considering I have to choose between my main holy power building ability and aoe damage. I don't know about anyone else, but I NEVER go with DS over CS, its just not worth it, especially since DS's damage is poor anyways. Im considering respec'ing and not even taking DS.

Secondly, change the "Divine Purpose" talent so instead of all our dps abilities having a CHANCE to generate holy power, make it a few key abilities garentee a holy power charge (maybe Divine Storm and Judgement?).

A few small changes could really improve ret dps and make the spec actually useful for more than just leveling. Heck, just removing the shared CD on DS and allowing DS to generate holy power would improve dps noticably. Why can't it be done?
choose between my main combo point building ability and aoe damage


Heck, just removing the shared CD on DS and allowing DS to generate holy power would improve dps noticably. Why can't it be done?

because AoE abilities have no place in a single target rotation
I agree with you that an AoE move shouldn't really be used in a single target rotation, but also Rogues can spam FoK, while DS has a CD, and Rogues can get Blade Flurry which is another kind of AoE for you guys, while we get a 30s cool down with Consecrate that only lasts 10sec, and a shared CD with DS being attached to CS. The way I see it, Blizz should remove the CD as no good pally would prioritize DS over CS, but at the same time there are encounters where you can passively burn adds with consecrate + DS while staying on the boss with your normal rotation. And I totally agree that we should get another look at our Divine Purpose talent, and have it revamped to guarantee that a few other abilities give us a HP point, at least make Judgment give 1 and increase the chance our other moves will give one to 60% I think the procs would be more often, and we would have less downtime between TV and an easier time keeping Inquisition up.
I just used the example of DS because I doubt bliz would give paladins another single target damage ability. The point I really wanted to make it that the current ret rotation is pathetic. Judge, CS, Holy Wrath, wait for procs....judge, CS.....wait for procs. Really? Come on, give us SOMETHING else to do. I play my warrior and I have more abilities than rage to use. Why can't ret paladins have more abilities with (seperate) CD's so we have more to do.

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