How much haste is needed for CS, Filler, CS?

To get that optimum speed, how much haste is actually needed?
more than is available in the game for ret

zero for prot :p
its like 1020 or so elitist jerks has all that info
Hmmm, I have 1154 haste, and I'm not getting the smoothness of CS, Filler, CS
3950~ at 85.
12/20/2010 10:29 PMPosted by Arrenamoo
3950~ at 85.

Oh wow, this is seriously....wonder how hard it'll be to finish gearing my Prot spec.
12/20/2010 10:29 PMPosted by Arrenamoo
3950~ at 85.

If you have absolutely zero lag. You can't queue up CS when it's off cooldown, so it's really:

[4.5/1.05/1.09/(3.0-latency_in_ms) - 1]*12800

If you have 200ms lag, you need ~5200 haste rating. A 3.0s CS CD is absolutely unobtainable this expansion if you have any kind of lag going on.
^ that. Yeah - they didn't design haste to be that important. Most of our pieces (tier and other similar items) have tons of haste on them. However, until Haste > Str and we start gemming and enchanting for as much haste as possible, and still falling short - it's better just to stick with being ok about only having 1.5-2k haste.

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