please buff resto shaman

resto shaman need buff at both mana gain and the healing done at one cast.

First of all, the shaman are much easier oom than other healers. Shaman have the worst offense way of mana gain. We need to cast more than 2 sec to cast a lightning bolt, and it will give us about 2400 mana (6000*40%) but we still need 1400 mana to cast the lightning bolt. So we can only gain 1000 mana each time. judgement can gain more than 3K mana and it is instant, pally can cast it when they move. Shaman still have a bad passive mana gain. Water shield is the main way that we can get mana. my shammy is 351 item lvl . I have 16% crit w/out buffs. That means I can gain 1700 mana in 5 casts. assume one cast costs 2 seconds. That means 10 sec gain 1700 mana. priest can gain 2.5% mana(100K+2.5%=2500) in every 12 sec. Shanme is only healer w/out mana gain for him own. shaman have only mana tide. But it share by all party menbers. Other healers have one or more spell to gain mana for themselves.

Next, shaman need to heal more at one cast. One target healing spell is too low is the first problem w/ shaman. surge healing =12000 gearter healing wave=16000 that is too low to heal team. other healers' spells are higher than shaman. pallys' divine light can crit more than 40K and greater heal can crit more than 30K but greater healing wave only can cirt like 25K. The aoe healings are another problem w/ shaman. pray of healing can heal more than 8K but chain heal first target only can heal 6K and 3.5k at last target.

In conclusion, shaman need to heal more on one cast and have more way to gain mana,or shaman will disappear in raid. It is Happening. In wowlog, there is NO shaman at top ten of each boss at BRD 10 man. And there are only 3 shamans at the fight of Nefarian.

please buff resto shaman
while most of this is true i have had my GHW crit for 47k once
I have to agree with most of this post. Shamans have some pretty serious mana issues right now. And they don't seem to have the same throughput as other healing classes either.

Granted I haven't raided yet, even in heroics it seems like other classes have an easier time keeping up with the (spike) damage without going completely oom in the process. Telluric currents is a good idea but doesn't have enough of a return for the amount of time spent casting Lb imo.

Maybe at this point it's a gear issue and shamans are going to have to take a backseat to other healers until gear with the stats needed is attainable. That being said, it doesn't really make sense that we should have to take a backseat to healers that fit our niche better than we do until gear/content comes out to make us shine a little more. Something needs to be done with our mana gain or consumption. And I wouldnt mind a slight increase in the base healing done by our all spells. It doesn't really seem like any of them (except maybe hw) heals enough for the amount of mana it costs.

Edit: I'm not saying resto is bad or anything. I actually think that resto as a whole is pretty strong right now. I just think that in the longer fights, bad pulls, or when you have a bad tank (group) it is almost impossible to carry it through healing. Shamans go oom too fast when using "oh #@*!" heals because everyone seems to like standing in #@*!. Same with aoe heavy fights, like the last phase on the last boss of lost city of whatever and the aoe phases on the two of those bosses in halls of origination. It gets difficult to keep up with the damage, especially without going oom.
you're numbers are really low man lol....

lemme explain a GHW combod with UW can crit for 40-45k. Surge combod with HS can crit for 33-37k.

as far as mana goes, i dont drop down in mana often. Its all about being efficient.

lemme explain. Riptide can be always active on 2 targets and at times 3. If there is significant damage, riptide and unleash weapons should always be on cool down. If there isnt any raid damage being dealt but rather tank damage, anticipate the damage, start casting healing wave even if the tank is full, if he doesnt take any damage during the cast, stop casting it and start recasting it.

I dont know, i dont feel mana starved or ineffective with my heals.
I would have to agree with this.
only time I have any issues is with some bosses. But I only have item level of 338 atm. Get enchanted out. Put heartsong on your weapon. Get Spirit enchants. I dont know if I stress this more.. SPIRIT SPIRIT SPIRIT is your friend now. I have around a 4k maan regen in a group. I cast healing wave like its nothing. I throw a GHW up on the tanks. riptide, and if everyone needs a heal. Put down my Healing rain. I would say get more Spirit. it helps alot.
no probs healing here
We're actually fine. Druids and priests only have the right to QQ.
My resto gear's average item level is 340- I'm in mostly 346s- and I'm having zero mana or healing problems if I'm efficient and the group isn't bad (I run heroics with my guild, so that's rarely the case).
Blizz has stated that shammies are working as intended, so reroll, respec, or adapt to the changes.
I agree with Doober, shamans at the moment do have trouble, but this expac is all about being efficient as a healer. You can watch a few of my videos and you see there are times in raids that I don't cast to regen. I can get by in most fights just using Riptide / Unleashed Elements / Healing wave / 1 - 3 Healing Surges. If you're still having trouble work on getting SPIRIT and then crit. Until you get better gear those are the two things that have a chance to help you. My resto gear at the moment is item level 346 and only thing holding me back is some green boots.

I also hate everyone QQ about this issue, this expac is not Wrath or BC. You must adapt and change your ways. Until you get gear healing is much much different.
While healing is more difficult in cata then it was in wrath, im actually happy with where we are at. My GHW usually crits for around 32-34k, which is fine as long as the ground and intelligent enough to use CC, and have awareness of their surroundings. Healing is a bit of a challenge, but with better gear it gets much easy, add sockets and enchants to that gear and we are in a good place.

Also try not to compare us to paladins, we have a HoT, earth shield, and earthliving weapon proc HoTs, they do not. As stated earlier its all about being efficient with your mana, and stacking spirit. My mana regen is at 2.6k while casting, and when both my trinkets proc (which is often) it goes up to around 10k. Timed with mana tide totem, i get around 50% mana back in a very short time.

Just focus on getting gear w/ spirit, gem for intellect, and maybe grab a pot to help ya if you need it.

Shaman is in a good place right now.
i have to agree with the spirit there.. i was having mana problems and reforged, got new enchants, and gear and now healing is no problem
ok now that you have qqed do you feel better. go learn your class and look at you buffs you get from each spell a riptide then 2 greaters heals with a 1.2-.15 cast time is awsome
i disagree.

When we get the gear we are sexy healer.

Riptide / Healing Wave / Healing Wave / Unleash -> rinse and repeat

Healing surge when big dmg occur.

You should not need to heal dps at all on most of the fight, except maybe 5 boss in all heroic unless they stand way too often in bad stuff.

Dont use healing rain unless there is enough people that need heal.

The actual content is way different then before, people must not be top, its normal to leave them around 50%.

I finish my fight rarely without any mana. Use bandage 30k heal for 8 second is sexy, ask dps to use them also in pause time.
I'm not having any issues with mana at all. I seem to out mana regen most players in PvP and inside PvE, I'm using my mana tide early to use it twice mainly for the casters in my group and not solely for my benefit.

However, what I have noticed is that Shamans don't have that "OMG" Button like other healers do. For example, if a Tank drops hard, I can use my NS heal which doesn't help much, or use my haste GHW to help, but it does reach a certain point where its up the tank to pop cooldowns to survive the encounter. It would seem that paladins LoH is amazing to help, or priests have Spirit/PS to help them out along with their Divine Hymn which is fairly amazing. Druid have Tree of life and a NS which is handy but not all that useful and Tranquility.

Shamans get... yelled at. I like Healing Rain, but imo, that ability should have been designed more for emergency heal uses on a moderate CD.

I also seem to notice that I'm at an ilvl of 352 currently. A paladin at 312 in greens still actual heals MORE than I do heal for heal.

My Healing Wave seems to hit consistantly for 6400 or 7200 with Earth shield. His Holy light hits for like 8500 and is only going to be higher with better items. THAT makes me kinda sad in a competitive sense knowing that there healing is simply better and that I have to try that much harder to shine or compete vs them.

OVERALL I'm quite Happy with Resto Shamans, I only question some aspects in comparison to other healing classes.
There's no reason to complain about healing right now...everything is currently perfect the way it is. How to solve mana problems:

1. Spec into telluric currents and spam lightning bolts for downtime
2. Drop mana tide at 70%-75% mana (this will allow it to be up when you need it again later)
3. keep water shield up
4. Spam healing wave (it will actually regen mana because of crit)
5. Stack intel
6. bring mana pots!

There really shouldn't be any point where you're not doing anything. If you're going oom, you're either using spells at the wrong point, or the group is doing something horribly wrong. Blizz, don't change a thing!
I don't think this thread is about heroics, guys. It's pretty clear he's referring to raids, and he has the experience to back up his claims. I took a good long look at his guild's World of Logs uploads and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

Bart: it appears that the problem is not that you are healing for too little. It looks like Holy Radiance is providing so much healing in your raids that your spells cannot shine. Your mastery is giving you next to no benefit from what I can tell, because your raid's healing output is matching the incoming damage very well, and I doubt very many people spend a lot of time below 70% for it to even come into play. Very simply, you are running into some nasty paladin-shaman anti-synergy, and it's deflating your healing output.

Also, you definitely want to drop the resto/ele hybrid build you're trying to pioneer to force Telluric into usefulness. It isn't possible. In your post, you allude to it not working for you: why are you still trying to force it to? A spirit trinket proc + mana tide is your on-demand mana regen, not lightning bolts. GC specifically stated that it is 100% intended that TC should suck as a mana regen mechanic, as it is intended to be mana neutral.

I came into this thread to post "try more mastery and less haste" but then I pulled up your WoL reports before posting and honestly, with so much healing coming from Holy Radiance, I can't see mastery being a wise choice for your specific situation.
First, your little spheal on how GHW can only reach 25k is completely incorrect (mine has an average heal amount around 30k with a low around 25k and high above 50k).

As for the mana regen thing, just lol... Healing Stream Totem alone MORE than makes up for any less mana regen a Shaman might not have compared to a different healing class. I wonder how many other healing classes would kill for an effortless 1k+ HPS that is up every fight for the full duration and on every party member at the cost of only 3% of their base mana every 5 or 7 minutes?
Here's the thing. People that have not learned to adapt and change, are having troubles and issues. This isn't isolated to Shamans.

If you run guild runs, it's WAY different than running pugs all the time. I'm truly amazed at the amount of people who can not comprehend the concept of CC and all it's rules. If these are the types of pulls your suffering through, yes. OOM City is your hometown.

I'm not going to say that I NEVER have issues, because quite honestly, I do here and there. However it's always a case where I can pinpoint the issue or trouble. Either I've gotten careless, or someone else has.

I don't think that the OP was necessarily "wrong" in his post, just that it's his/her opinion and they've got some facts a little skewed.
The "wrong" part of the post, is suggesting that Shaman need fixing because some people are having trouble with mana and efficiency. What you need to realize is that some people are and some people aren't. Some people, are liking the changes and challenges and think it's a bout damned time the class returned to something respectable.

I'd love to see it if Blizzard didn't change anything major, and in 6 months when everyone is epic geared, how it plays out and if they are still complaining shaman are the worst healers.
12/22/2010 6:06 AMPosted by Seckszilla
First, your little spheal on how GHW can only reach 25k is completely incorrect (mine has an average heal amount around 30k with a low around 25k and high above 50k).

As for the mana regen thing, just lol... Healing Stream Totem alone MORE than makes up for any less mana regen a Shaman might not have compared to a different healing class. I wonder how many other healing classes would kill for an effortless 1k+ HPS that is up every fight for the full duration and on every party member at the cost of only 3% of their base mana every 5 or 7 minutes?

Not to mention the resistances we offer (25% reduction to nature/fire/frost).

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