Holy pvp - talents

Hi, i'm just looking for other peoples' inputs on talents for an arena based holy paladin...


I'm thinking of using this... I'm just wondering on a few talents:
Enlightened Judgements - worth getting?
Tower of Radiance - worth getting and how does it work?

Thanks in advance
hey..i would take the point out of judge and 1 point out of blessed life to fill out paragon of virtue

i have enlightened judgements instead of the exorcism talent...dont find myself having mana to use on exorcism in arenas
Here's what I use, I've got a few things I need to tweak about it but it'll largely be the same.
I'm thinking of taking a point out of blessed life, another out of conviction, and my one point in divinity to finish out imp judgment and get Guardian's Favor for the longer Hand of Freedom and the faster BoP.

I'm also changing the LoD glyph to something else. Probably cleansing.

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