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Read my whole Loot Roll System in General discussion. If you just run with your guild... then my suggestion I made you would not be affected at all. If you're in pugs, you would just lose priority over the people doing their job.... you shouldn't be having that much of an issue if you do it with guilds in the first place.

I don't often run heroics with my guild. I'm the crazy person who's patient and willing enough to give pugs a shot. Someone has to. If I have to help the general populace pull themselves out of the pit of stupidity... I will do that. Just as easily... I don't see why people should be restricted by what spec they are currently. If someone wants to help out and tank/heal... you wish to penalize them for making things faster?

Yeah. About that.

I am exactly the same way, but with Prot. All you plate wearers who Que up solely as DPS and wait 40minutes in order to get into a heroic, then complain and QQ bc the tank roled on the DPS gear.

This is exactly why people who are wearing dps gear queue up as a tank, just so they can get quick queues then need on gear that would better be served elsewhere.

I main spec, and raid as ret. But because it is a complete waste of time to sit around waiting for a que to pop to only get a shot at rolling on gear is ridic, when you can get instant ques, and then get the same shot at rolling on the same gear you would as DPS.

Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD do it.

I que as a tank because as always, tanks are rare and hard to find for heroics.

You queue as a tank because you don't want to wait the 40m's for an instance. Somehow being able to hit the tank button gives you an advantage it doesn't give other classes, such as mages, warlocks, rogues, etc. Please don't kid yourself into believing you're doing the wow community a "favor" by adding one more tank into the mix.

And with the gear reset that Cata brought about, there is no excuse to not have a viable off spec to better run in heroics with bc of the flood of DPS in the ques. If you are in a heroic as prot/holy but raid with your guild as ret, then i say by all means, roll on the DPS gear. You are being smart by using an offspec to run more heroics, therefore giving you a better shot at getting the gear that will help you perform better in your raids.

Offspecs aren't meant for running heroics to gear up your mainset...ie, queuing as a tank just to ninja the dps'ers gear. It's meant for giving you the flexibility to play different specs. If you queue as a tank you should roll on tank gear. If you queue as a dps'er you should roll on dps gear. Doing anything otherwise is just being a selfish pr*ck.

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