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Well i Was looking on http://paladinbuilds.com looking for a Pally tank spec but there are about 4 or so to choice from and had no clue which to pick nor i didnt know what self healing tank spec meant. so if you please lemme know which to do and what self healing spec is used for. thanks please respond! :).
I Also need a rotation>
A self-healing tank spec takes points in Guarded by the Light and Eternal Glory, sacrificing some damage and possible threat that can be gained from other talents, to improve your Word of Glory spell. It revolves around getting 3 charges of Holy Power, and if you are noticeably damaged, using Word of Glory to heal yourself.

Self-healing with these talents obviously helps for soloing dungeons, questing, and PvP. However, even in 5-man dungeons, where you wouldn't expect to have to heal yourself, healing has gotten much harder in Cataclysm, and I've saved my life a few times in dungeons with Word of Glory. I have no problems with threat, so I took the self-healing talents in both of my specs.

EDIT: I just saw you asked about rotations. There are many possibilities, but I love frontloading a lot of threat early and locking down a group of enemies so none of my teammates get touched. Avenger's Shield, target an enemy in the middle and Hammer of the Righteous, go BEHIND the mobs and turn them around so the enemies are facing YOU with their back to the group (to prevent Cleave or Hateful Strike-like abilities, or Flay in Stonecore), Holy Wrath, Hammer of the Righteous, Judgement (to start mana regen), Hammer of the Righteous, Shield of the Righteous (I think it's called.) Repeat.

Whenever there's more than one enemy, use Hammer of the Righteous alternating with Holy Wrath, Judgement, and Consecration. When you get 3 Holy Power, use Shield of the Righteous, or if you're low on health, Word of Glory. In a single target situation, simply switch out Hammer of the Righteous for Crusader Strike, and eliminate Consecration. (Unless it's a boss fight). Pop defensive cooldowns and wings when you need them
Thanks man u helped me!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey would you mind if i looked at your spec?
and if i can ur primary or secondary?
I'm in my PvP spec and gear at the moment, so check out my secondary spec for my dungeon tanking. It works for me.

EDIT: I almost forgot,, you also want to get the Glyph for Word of Glory for self-healing. 10% more is noticeable.
ok that rotation + complicated is there and thing a lil more standard and easy im a noob to pally
12/22/2010 7:19 AMPosted by Quixx
ok that rotation + complicated is there and thing a lil more standard and easy im a noob to pally

HoR: Hammer of the Righteous

Avenger's Shield, HoR, Holy Wrath, HoR, Judgement, HoR, Shield of the Righteous. Repeat.
what glyphs?
what glyphs?
That's my exact rotation if AS is off CD. Unless Judgement doesn't give me the 100% chance to crit with shield, I use HoR, then Judgement, then SotR. If it doesn't happen the second time I'm not wasting valuable damage, if it does work it does more than if I had just used shield without the crit.
what glyphs do i use?
Quit spamming the same question, dear Elune. There's an entire Paladin forum that you could ask just around the corner.
Paladins do not have a "Rotation" we have a priority system.

1. AS
2. Holy Wrath
3. Shield or Word of Glory (3 Points Only)
4. HoR or Crusader Strike
5. Judge
6. Con

I have (2) Specs for Prot.

Spec 1 is AoE (Heroic PvE Tank or Multi-mob Trash) HoR Spec
Spec 1 single target (PvP or Boss) CS Spec <---Much higher DPS
I was thinking about that very thing. I'm main spec prot, have been since day one. I enjoy PvPing in prot, but I have dual spec. What to do with it?

I'm thinking of going with a high threat build for raiding and a hi self healing/bubbling build for dungeons/pvp.

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