Ret Pally DPS solutions?

hey okay so i have been looking over the forums for a few hours since the servers are down and came to see that there is controversy over whether haste is better than str and i just wanted to see the difference in between stacking str or stacking haste because it seems that if the rng is mostly on melee swings and crusader strike then why not stack haste to lessen the influence of rng and yet i also see whats the point of hitting fast if u don't hit hard and since haste is a impossibility why stack it basically moral of the story can anyone vouch for what the difference between stacking haste and str preferably someone who has experienced both.

thank you,
Oraelinis of Jaedenar

and happy holidays
oh and never mind my gear lol long story short haven't been focusing on my pally cuz of the current situation but i would prefer to raid on my pally if there is a solution to getting decent numbers i would definitely play my pally
Posted in another thread, but I'll post MY results here. Just one point of data in the grand scheme of the game, keep that in mind.

I did the regem everything into haste, and it was universally a DPS loss.

Running Exemplar's model, I noticed much as he did that it seemed to be a DPS loss to not use two fillers with anything greater than a 3.0 sec CS cd. I hasted down via reforging, gear swapping, enchanting, and gemming to a 3.6 sec CS, and tested this build live against what I was seeing in the models. It was still a DPS gain to CS>filler>filler rather CS>filler>wait>CS with the lowest I could reach with CS. I don't have all BiS, don't have any raid gear, but from the models I've run this doesn't change.

Priority rotation was standard keep Inq up/refresh under 6 secs>HoW>AoW Exo> TV(3 HoPo or HoL proc)>Judge>HW>Consc.

Ran for 5 million damage each.

What was a DPS gain for me was regemming STR, going for STR/CRIT enchants and running the two filler rotation. My CS is currently circa~4.1 sec CD, but my HoPo generation is still almost the same rate with my abilities universally hitting harder with what seems to be less conflict between proc's. I may be wasting as many, but I don't feel like I am.

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