My Robe is made of Cow Skin?

Bug Report
Is this intentional?
Just thought I'd bring it up.

If you even go to my profile it shows a nice thick line of my moo cow skin across the middle of the bottom part of my robe, right around my knees.

I think it's rather funny, but its a bug none the less.

Figured I'd let you all know. <3

Robe is Robes of Forgetfulness
Yaaa... it's not just cows either - my troll has a white band of ugly stretching around the robes part way down the skirt and it's not just those robes. My Vest of the Curious Visitor (which basically look the EXACT same as the robes of forgetfulness anyways) has the same effect. If you cntrl+click them however and inspect them on your toon they don't look like that so it's definately a bug. It went away for about a week and is now back again. Come on, blizzard these robes are so God aweful ugly as it is without being bleached out to boot!
Most if not all 233/246 blue quality leather "robes" only have a vest texture while flagged as a robe, so it'll take the texture of whatever pants/boots you are wearing for the lower half.
It wouldn't be so bad if the robes just took the texture of your pants, but that's not what it does. It bugs out and leaves, as the others have noted, a strip of skin texture on the robes.

You can make it go away by removing and then putting back on your leggings, but it's pointless because it comes back as soon as you shape change or zone.

It's not a cache problem because the definitely appear like this to other players if they look at your toon, or even if they use the dressing room to equip the same robe/leg combo. It also propagates to your armory display. Yay.
I never knew this, I can even see it on your armory. How bizarre.
I'm going to look ridiculous.
As annoying as this graphical "bug" is, they are indeed called Robes of FORGETFULNESS. Perhaps they forgot to fix the bottom half.

I am wearing them and it IS pretty annoying, lol. Gives the lower half of my pants an empty horizontal line too...I have to un-equip & re-equip them to fix it >:U
Same for the Cursed Skardyn Vest

Fix this crap.
Yep, my pants' texture is applied onto my robe from my waist to my knees, and my boots' texture from my knees to the end of the robe. Removing pants results in weird, flesh-coloured band around my robe.

Note to tailors who think they might be on to something: Don't make robes to look like legs. It won't catch on.

EDIT: Wearing the same robe as OP, if that's relevant.
Vest of the Curious Visitor Also has same problem, seems as though Blizzard forgot to skin the bottom of these robes, or there is something causing it to not show. I don't know but it would be nice is they would find a fix for this.
Still a problem. I've got the Robes of Forgetfulness and this shows up all the time on them (a fleshy band around the knees) and propagates to my armory profile. However, if I'm in my boomkin outfit, my Vest of the Curious Visitor never seems to have the problem although others in this thread have observed it.

If I think of it and feel like it, I'll momentarily swap these two out to get rid of the flesh band on the Robes of Forgetfulness but it always comes back when loading, shape shifting, etc. as previous posters have mentioned.
I recently acquired this on my druid. It seems as if it was not intended to have a kilt, but rather just but the upper chest armor. The bottom kilt part just shows my leggings' and boots' colors and textures. someone in my guild also linked a belt that had a similar issue, the belt goes up over the tabard around the characters abdomen. I cannot remember the name of the item though.
Ive ticketed GM's on two different occasions. "Yeah we will get on it." Nothing. Its really....really....really.... Annoying. Considering its happening to alot of us and its actually not as simple as "noobloljustdeleteyourcache" wich is all i get in trade chat for help. Its really getting on my nerves, even to the point of me trying to make Unequip - Equip macros to go from my Robes to my Feral chest. I shouldnt have to do that everytime i zone in or shift. Also, im not sure how you all feel about male trolls with skirts made of there own flabby skin. Take them off, /dance and continue to /vomit.

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