Guild XP bonus stack with Heirloom/ rested?

Sorry if this has been posted/ addressed somewhere. If it has, could someone please link?
I searched and didn't find what I was looking for.

My question is if the new Guild XP bonuses
Level 2: "Fast Track"- Experience gained from killing monsters and completing quests increased by 5%.

stacks with
Heirloom items (BoA) gear
Rested XP (200% of XP gained from killing monsters)
Does it really matter that much?
All bonus exp effects stack additively but there is a cap of +200%.

Rested is not actually a 2x multiplier (or wasn't when I last checked), it is a +100% effect. For example, rested with 2 heirlooms and guild level 2 is going to give you +125% on mobs and +25% on quests.

However because of the cap, if you are using the Recruit a Friend +200% bonus in addition to those other things, you don't actually get any extra benefit from the heirlooms or guild perk, since it caps out at +200%. Though, you hardly need them at that point.

It's 4.25 fewer levels you get to enjoy in this game you pay to play, I think you meant to say.

I will probably never understand the people who seem to think the worst thing about playing WoW is the playing WoW part.
Sorry, but questing at 60 is not fun anymore.
You can't find groups to do dungeons, you are lucky if BG queues take less than a half hour etc.
Old content in WOW is basically irrelevant. I play to do end game raiding.
I wish old stuff mattered but it doesn't. Why WOULDN'T I want to hit 85 ASAP?
I was in a dungeon today on my druid and the tank was fully twinked with heriloom gear. I didn't have any on and we leveled on the same mob. So i thought i'd see how much faster he leveled then me well guess wat we dinged on the same mob again so to answer your question no heriloom does not stack on guild perks.
12/22/2010 12:54 PMPosted by Grusom
You can't find groups to do dungeons

I did quite a few dungeons with the last character I leveled. I even did some BC and WotLK heroics.

Not sure what you mean by not being able to find groups at all.
Sorry, but questing at 60 is not fun anymore.
Old content in WOW is basically irrelevant.
I wish old stuff mattered but it doesn't.

Ya, how dare all that Old stuff, what with most of it (a very large portion) being gone and getting replaced by all those new quests and the zones changing.


Have you played any of the lower level content since the Shattering or are you just daft?
I've found outland to go nice and quickly with no Heirlooms.

Dungeon queues are not an issue.

I dread going through Northrend again
I quest my ass off but i dont mind wearing heirlooms to breezw through lower lvls faster.I needed to lvl another rogue asap to do 3s with some friends and heirlooms did help me alot.I dont think the original poster was dissin the old content but if its boring to him,or if doesnt wanna play old content for long,thats his perogative.I started off paying to nplay for the questing and the story but now a pay to do arena.Everybody aint vanilla and tbc fanboys.
The posts have dates printed right on them.
Is it like necro-thread post week or something? Good lord.
You are absolutely, completely, and utterly WRONG in your statements. I recently convinced my wife to come back to the game, and we got her a new account through the recruit-a-friend procedure. We received 300% XP bonus on mobs AND quests plus 5% from guild perk. Also, I had two heirlooms on worth 10% and 5%. I leveled very noticeably faster than her. Furthermore, we leveled MUCH faster than others in random dungeon runs.

She then got an heirloom to use with our second set of dedicated characters. Once again we were leveling at 300% + 5% + 10% heirloom. However, I am still leveling slightly faster than her... 5% faster than her to be precise.

So... she is leveling at 300% + 10% + 5% while I am leveling at 300% + 10% + 5% + 5%.

In answer to other people asking questions as to why you would want to do this? To reach end game content much faster. Leveling characters has become mundane and a chore.
Since you are replying to a thread from over a year ago, I wouldn't be surprised if they had tweaked the rules since then. When the OP asked, back in the dark mists of ancient time, I had just tested this specific question and my answer was correct. If you believe it has changed I would be very interested to see evidence of that. How did you test? How did you arrive at your conclusion that you were getting additional bonus exp beyond +200%?

I would also observe that 300+10+5+5 is only about 1.6% higher than 300+10+5. So if you are seeing a 5% difference in your leveling there may be some other factor involved.

I don't currently have any plans to RaF someone so I can't test this myself unfortunately.
I can verify as I am currently levelling with a friend via RAF.

We have several sets levelling, decided to switch a few, and I had to try and let her catch up to me while questing. I would have her turn in a quest, then i would leave group and turn in the same quest.

Quest rewards were 3X xp for her than me. Example: If she turned in a quest rewarding 18k exp, I would only get 6k.

I do not know about stacking heirlooms, but I do know necro'ing threads is retarded.

TL;DR: RAF = 300% xp bonus. Who cares about heirlooms/guild xp?
Ah, sorry, I don't think the issue was that I wrote +200%. That is just a communication problem. Yes, RaF has always been "3 times", but 3 times is an extra 200%, not an extra 300%. The bonuses add, so just for consistency we write them all as +X% where X is how much extra you get, in addition to the 100% normal exp you get.

I think Jensune was suggesting you can get more than +200%, or more than 3x exp, by using heirlooms. You could not at the start of Cata but I have not tested it recently. A test would require someone with both RaF and heirlooms, and another toon at exactly the same level without any bonuses, doing the same quest and recording the exact exp granted.
I'm pretty sure all of the Fishing Dailies give the exact same exp. So somebody on RAF do it one day with full heirlooms, don't level for 24 hours, and do it the next day without any heirlooms.

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