Baron Ashbury tip

Hello my fellow paladins!

Just wanted to spread the word that on the baron ashbury fight in HSFK you can bubble during asphyxiate, and then if you melee the boss it will interrupt the cast, meaning your party won't go down to 1hp and you can kick stay of execution immediately, which means the boss wont heal at all and you will be able to push him to his dark archangel form a little faster!

Also, don't forget to use holy radiance after asphyxiate, to help out your healers!
thats an interesting. possibly a bug, but still interesting. not that its a very hard fight if you have dps that know how to click their interupt buttons.
Hm...interesting... I'll have to try that next time.

On a similar note for tanks, you can DS off the Crumbling Ruin stacks on Anraphet in Halls of Origination. (Crumbling Ruin = 10% health reduction per stack)

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