Where do I spend honor points....?

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I am level 20 as you can see.

I am looking for a place that I can spend my honor points at to get gear for my
level. I was told that I can go to Ashenvale and get it, but i have no idea where at
to go beyond that.

Help please?
First thing I'd recommend is getting the add-on Atlasloot. http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/atlasloot-enhanced.aspx

It's a fantastic add-on that let's you browse all the items and things in the game, including PvP rewards.

For you, the best gear and weapon rewards would be the entrance to Warsong Gulch battleground. That's in Ashenvale. It's just to the west of the entrance into Barrens. Basically, go to where the entrance to North Barrens is (but stay in Ashenvale), then go west until you see a Night-elf encampment. In there should be a quartermaster (to the right of the entrance I believe) that can sell you PvP rewards.
Or in easier terms:

Head to Astranaar in Ashenvale and run east along the road. When the road forks, take the southern route. Just before you hit the Barrens/Ashenvale border there will be a Silverwing outpost on your right, probably through some trees.

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