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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all the staff at Blue errr I mean Blizzard, this year has brought alot of good things heres to hoping next year is just as good.
Don't forget to reset Arena Rating Achievements and Statistics due to the mmr glitch before leaving.
12/22/2010 1:56 PMPosted by Spritzee
ive had a ticket open since friday, it better not last till January.

The Customer Service staff are still here hard at work and will continue to be over the holiday. January isn't all that far off though.
Merry Christmas Blizzard. Thankyou for a great year of Starcraft and Cataclysmy goodness :).

And to all the whiners that are most likely unemployed, on school holidays or are just plain not empathetic. The world doesn't revolve around this game. Blizzard already work hard enough (you don't make that much profit a year employing slackers and staff that aren't dedicated to their job). They are entitled to holidays like everyone else.

Get off your computer and enjoy the holidays. Spend some time with your loved ones and realise that life still goes on while your character is logged out.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Blizzard. Thanks for a great xpack that will keep me busy over my short work vacation.
But i was going to use the kite to send my letter to greatfather winter :(

Now down to bussiness, what blue is going to slip a reminder note about ponies onto ghostcrawlers desk?
Right now, rated battlegrounds do not properly give credit for wins and it is impossible to gain rating in them, as shown in this thread:

So is this not going to get fixed until you guys come back from vacation? Because that is very lame.
Poor Customer Service :(
It'll be a blue Christmas without you... wait something is off with that sentiment. Happy holidays regardless.
So will this effect the lag or not lag of the game? My DL has been on 9.7 GB left to dl for like, over 3 hrs. It just recently changed to 9.6 :(
Oh and HAPPY/MERRY CHRISTMAS. forgive the caps. Or whatever holiday you've already celebrate/d. :) ^-^=
Would explain why WoW is still barely playable on Mac since first patchday after Cata release.
We aren't your 'family'? Let alone friends? Well then, we are enemies.
12/22/2010 1:56 PMPosted by Spritzee
ive had a ticket open since friday, it better not last till January.

To my knowledge, our customer support offices will remain open for the holidays -- this includes the days of the 25th and 31st of December, as well as the 1st of January. If any changes are made to their normal hours of operation, our representatives will usually create a post in the Customer Support forum or the Technical Support forum (or both) to announce the adjusted schedule. Just keep an eye out there. :)

That said, I'm sorry you an encountered an issue. Hopefully it will be addressed soon!

Edit: Darnit. The candle beat me to it. *shakes fist*
Merry Christmas! Try your best to ignore the Scrooges in this thread and on the rest of boards during your remaining time here! :)
My nephews are 4 & 3 years old.

After presents they will want to see "the dragon game!"

& see the train, & the dragons, & eat the bad guys with the dragon...

I have nerdy nephews.

I adore them<3

I'm going /afk starting tonight, but I'll sure miss these forums until January. Happy Holidays, everyone! <3

Merry Christmas and happy new year to all at Blizzard! Keep up the good work in the new year! =D

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