AFK for the Holidays

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Happy Holidays you deserve time off with the expansion it has been challenging instead of wotlk where it got easier each patch good job!
This might also explain the servers for logging in blowing up!
why dont you take a look at the support forums and then go afk blizzard.
Hopefully, it's just the community management team and Nagios (or whatever they're using for monitoring) is screaming like the Enterprise entering Klingon space all old-school style (complete with camera-tilting, actors randomly "falling" from the turbulence, and Scotty's voice coming over the FX to yell, "We canna tek mauch moore a'dis, C'pn!").
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!
I think monkeys and hamsters have holidays Whenever I close my eyes!
Grats! and Enjoy!
I feel bad for the people that have to work Christmas eve and Christmas Day, though I know what it's like to work other holidays as working at a Toyota dealer means a lot customers on holidays but to have a co worker broadcast on a massive MMORPG forum that he/she is off and some underpaid over worked individual has to moderate this stuff all the holiday? Shhhiiii...

I salute the moderators, and that poor bastard I.T guy too(there's got to be at least one).
12/22/2010 1:46 PMPosted by Ravager
do monkeys and hamsters get holidays too?

apparently they did, no one can log in!
not good.. at all!
any idea if they are working on getting it fixed or atleast if we are getting refunded the game time we loose?
12/23/2010 3:32 AMPosted by Horguf
any idea if they are working on getting it fixed or atleast if we are getting refunded the game time we loose?

I'm still baffled that people have yet to read the fine print on the licensing agreement (yes I was one of the 10 that actually read it) It states in the agreement no matter how long WoW is down for you will not be refunded any game time, due to the fact that you agreed to it........Now if WoW was down for like 6 months I could see some refunding happen but until then no dice.
You'r going to get deserter blizzard,
and now where about to pull "login" the lvl 86 elite world boss,
we ran a readycheck but you went afk, waiting on you for the pull QQ
You go afk at the worste times :(

TBH happy holidays, please fix asap,
blizz come back please servers are down WE NEED YOU!!!
-.- my entire household cant log onto Wow atm...(well thats two of us xd )....sooo your all having great holdays?

/weak cheer

wooooo...go you... :P
the new forums suck

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