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i can craft the following from dragon soul

plate dps wrists
plate tank legs
plate tank wrists
397 Crafted

Plate dps wrists
I'm looking for a leatherworker who can craft Earthen Scale Sabatons - I have all mats and will tip you well for your time! Please drop me a note in game. Thanks!
if this is going to remain a sticky could it at least be updated for MoP?
I can craft the new legs 553ilvl ones and two belts... dps and heals atm.
I can make the 553 healer cloth pants and belt. I can also make the 553 caster DPS cloth pants and belt.
Well,, last post is 6 months ago. Anywho, I can craft almost every leatherworking pattern in the game except for 1 from Firelands and 2 from Sunwell. . Can make anything you want, if you have the mats for it.
Well, while this thead seems dead, I'll throw in here that I can make all MoP Tailoring recipes, and a good chunk of the previous epic patterns, all current enchanting recipes, and the vast majority of the previous enchanting recipes.
Honestly I have no clue why this post stayed stickied, considering it was made with the intention for early-mid Cata and I have also quit since then (I'm back but obviously on another server...) so really not sure what to say. =S
9 months and a race change later..... I have every leathern pattern (except aldor rep) in the game. If you have the mats, I can make it. Catch is, you have 3 weeks until my subscription runs out.
3 year bump. Ironically, the last post here was mine. I can make anything pre-WoD. I actually cant remember what I have in WoD, so I dont want to say I can make anything. But pre WoD, I have every leather working pattern available (except aldor rep. Maybe 1 day)

Just need the mats. If interested just email me in game.

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