"You have an active summon"

So I am a level 74 hunter, trying to tame this cool beast I saw. It is tameable I checked with the beast lore (Arcturis), I stabled my current pet, but when I go to tame him it says "You have an active summon". Does anyone know what im missing here? Or is it some form of a bug and should I file a ticket? Thank you in advance :)
ya dude im haveing the same issue i dont im gonna file a ticket.
You can only have a limited amout of pet slots that are "active" and not in the stable. IIRC, it's 4 @ 74. Just putting a pet straight from active into the stable acts weird sometimes. So I would put one of your active/not summoned pets into the stable, then dismiss your summoned pet, then try taming something.

p.s. next time, try the hunters forum
Yes, there is a defect around this. I submitted it a while ago.

Not sure what the best workaround is, but I think if you dismiss your pet before you stable him it will help.
Hi op I had similar issues to what you are experiencing. Ok the fix for my problem was, act have a pet out when you go to the stable master, now dont put the pet you have out in the stable, no you want to put one from your on person inventory in the stable. I have found it bugs out when you put an active pet in the stable sometimes, and it will aslo bug out if you toss pets in the stable without having one out /shrugs

That will leave you a spot to tame, just rem to dismiss your active pet to tame a new one.Oh also make sure you dont have a dead pet in your inventory.
Also make sure all of your pets are alive
You do know that this is 2 years right?
2 years old*
This still happens...
04/03/2015 07:14 PMPosted by Dreadred
This still happens...
Another two years later?
Was gonna say necro but you have a valid reason.
Is the zombie maker aware that you not only have to have no pet out, but an empty active pet slot?
well it was simple for me
have and empty pet slot
annnnd make sure there are no dead pets

went back and tried to tame and that was my issue ( wont tame kept saying- that i have an active summon already)

revived pet and dismissed it and was able to tame the new pet

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