Where do I get the mount for goblins?

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Looking for the racial mount for goblins... Any info would help.

Goblin slums, Valley of Spirits, Orgrimmar.
Hmmm... I think I was there and they said I needed to be exalted with the new faction. A little confusing. I'll look again.

With any faction other than your own race, you must be exalted to buy their mount. So you'll have to get rep with the goblins before you can buy their mount. :3
True. You can only get another races racial mount if you are exalted with them.
Visit the Goblin Quartermaster near the Org Flight Master and buy a goblin Tabard.
Any rep gained from running any dungeon, except BC dungeons, will be applied to Goblins.
Thanks... But I started a Goblin and that's who I'm trying to get the mount for... Still hmmm
Since little bits of information keep getting added as we progress, I will start at the beginning:

Is the toon you are planning to get the mount for level 20?
Does that toon have sufficient gold for the training?
Does that toon have sufficient gold for the mount?
Has the toon in question learned the appropriate low level riding skill?

Assuming the answers to the above are yes, there should be nothing preventing a goblin from buying and learning the goblin racial mount. If the answers to the above are yes, I would do two things:

1) Log out and log back in. See if that changes anything. If not...
2) Contact a GM, as the inability to buy a mount is clearly a bug.
Thanks all... He is 20 and I just went to the Valley of Spirits and he was able to get riding. Also, for some reason there is a trainer in the Valley of Honor I think that I was looking at that wouldn't sell him the stuff. Thanks for the assistance all!

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