How to get the following achievements...?

I checked wowhead for some information on how to get [A-VOID-ance], [One of Us! One of Us!] and [Would You Like a Pamphlet?]. I was able to get the third achievement, but there is no information on how to get [A-VOID-ance] and for [One of Us! One of Us!] there's a small guide on the comments, but I couldn't see the purple portal... is it bugged?

Anyone knows how to get [A-VOID-ance] and [One of Us! One of Us!]?
Based on different forum threads, it appears that the portal only spawns on one server. No information as of yet on what realm its up on.

I've been searching through the group finder. Please post here if you are able to complete it today and on what server.
I have the daily for the 2nd time today as well. no more luck trying to get this done than I did on the first time this daily came up.. it really does seem a bit ridiculous we have to wait so long to even get the right dailies.. and then on top of that the portal needed for these 2 achievements only spawns on one server at a time? something definitely is not right here.
I've checked at least 15 servers in my BG and none of them have the portal up.

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