So with all the nerfs coming...

Druid (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Rejuvenation’s healing has been reduced by 5%.
Thrash (Bear Form)’s direct damage has been reduced by 50%. Its periodic damage remains unchanged.
Mastery: Total Eclipse’s effects have been increased by 6.7%.

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Power Word: Shield’s absorption has been reduced by 15%.

Most of which i say 'fair enough' but where is resto druid balance? so much QQ about us disc priests, i say fair play ol chap in regards to disc nerf to shield however druids are still OP, a look amongst the boards only warrant my QQ
Blizzard is letting the interns balance this week.
Pretty sure these changes have been live for a couple of days now.
With the haste buff resto druids were actually buffed since now all of their HoTs heal faster and for more.
Dont worry, they are probably going to nerf monks again and buff obliterate by 20%.
I really hope that frost dk's sustain gets nerfed, and the UH dk burst gets nerfed.

Frost has too high sustain

UH dk has too high burst.

Actually... dk's should just be nerfed in pvp in general... getting hit x4 with obliterate in a 5 second window for 1/2 my health through 20% damage reduction isn't "balanced" as blizz calls it.

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