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Hey all,

So I've been playing around casually for years, but now I'd like to actually try to get better. Thing is, I have no idea how to do even the simplest things, like test my dps on target dummies. How do I use these things? Once I've burned one down, where do I get the info on my dps, etc.? Do I need to download some kind of add on, or is this info available in game? I'm currently not using any addons at all. I'll see about downloading a damage meter, but I want to keep the number of addons I have to the minimum necessary.

Thanks for all help and advice!
The standard DPS meter addon is Recount (

Sadly, no, this feature is not built into the game.

If you need a detailed explanation on how to install the addon and how to use it in game, ask and you shall receive. Only reason for not doing it without you asking is because its a lot of typing :3
Alternatively you can grab skada.

Just remember your dummy dps tends to be lower than raid dps in terms of a stand still fight and higher than on movement intense fights.

Try to use your cooldowns sans hero and run several tests between 5-8 minutes a piece or so. One 20 second session does not really tell you much of anything.
Recount and Skada will show you statistics sure, but if you ask anybody on your class forums how you can improve in serious content, they're going to tell you to bring logs.

And what that means is you will download something and logs raid encounters of you and your team and displays what you did when and to what in much more detail than recount or skada ever will. You can present the logs to them and they will go over what you are doing wrong in a particular encounter so that you can play to your fullest potential

But, I feel like I'm getting ahead of you right now. That's if you're getting into progression raiding. You're just now wanting to get better, and that's great. Ask your guild what their average dps goes up to in different scenarios and compare to yours. Ask other guildmate mages what talents and glyphs they have and for what situations. And research, research, [i]RESEARCH![/i] your class.

can I not bold, italicize, AND underline something? outrageous!

The first two links are to mage forums. Keep a look out for stickied guides, as they are often made by some of the best players in that forum's community.

Icy-Veins is geared towards raiders, but it has information valuable for all levels of play. Don't feel like you have to follow icy vein's recommended talents and glyphs, because they are meant for raiding environments where you will try to be doing 110%
This is great info, guys, thank you so much! Guess it's time to start getting into addons, and looks like I'll be starting with Recount.
You may want to download Curse Client. This is a program that runs alone separate from WoW that will manage your addons for you. When you download addons you will have to then unzip them and move them to the right folder. Then you will have to regularly check for updates to keep your addons working properly.

Curse is a website that maintains a huge database of addons for several games, including WoW. What the Curse Client will do for you is allow you to peruse their list of addons (all of which are approved by Blizzard) and choose which ones you want. The addon will automatically unzip them and place them in the correct folder. Then it will alert you whenever there is an update for all of your addons and take care of it for you. All you have to do is click the "update" button.

Best of all it's free. This is easily the best free tool I've ever used on my computer. Here's the link if you decide you want it:
12/21/2014 07:26 AMPosted by Scutshakes
Icy-Veins is geared towards raiders, but it has information valuable for all levels of play. Don't feel like you have to follow icy vein's recommended talents and glyphs, because they are meant for raiding environments where you will try to be doing 110%

This is very true. Icy-veins is a great place to learn more about your class, but when they get down to the nitty-gritty aspects of playing it is definitely geared towards high end raiders who are on the bleeding edge of pushing content. I wouldn't bother with some of the more in-depth information they have to offer since I'm not playing to that extreme of raiding, but they do offer great advice on every class. They helped me to better understand many of my classes and to get my stat priorities right. This made my playtime on those characters more enjoyable as I was performing up to my potential. Beyond that I just tend to tune it out. I'm sure if I played my Warlock like it was my job I would find some use for the ability to summon a Felguard while in Destro useful, but I play better when not trying to make use of this. I learned on icy-veins that if you summon a Felguard while in Demo and switch to Destro you can use Flames of Xoroth to resummon the pet that should be unavailable to you. Unfortunately it only sticks around for about five seconds and can't be sacrificed via Grimoire of Sacrifice for the buff. The only time this could ever be useful I'd imagine is during very specific situations where a sudden short burst of aoe damage is going to make or break your encounter and you absolutely need a Felguard's Felstorm ability. I don't know when that would be, so I just stick to sacrificing my Felhunter for the interrupt and bonus damage.
Check out as well if you want to see gear upgrades laid out in a very ease-of-use type fashion.
For raiding you will also want some addons. Ask your guild what addons they prefer their raiders to have.
Two that almost every raiding guild require are something like Deadly Boss Mods which let you know when a boss is about to use some particular ability and GTFO which will let you know if your are standing in something that is damaging you.

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