Alliance camping and farming Warspear

With the introduction of Broken Bones through the Gladiator's Sanctum, Ashran became the focus for the source of these broken bones, along with world PvP. Unfortunately, due to the fact that Alliance drastically outnumber horde on Frostmourne, Alliance have up to 5 hour queues to get into Ashran, and a small percentage of Alliance have since made it a mission to repeatedly camp warspear to the point where many horde are now starting to avoid warspear, and even consider transferring off the realm.

Warspear appears to have become the new raid for Alliance, with repeated calls in Alliance trade channel to join existing groups, citing numbers of being able to farm up to 2k broken bones an hour. Whether this is true or not, the result is that the functionality of Warspear has diminished considerably, and advice in horde chat is to set your Inn to Org and use the AH and facilities in Org, thus avoiding Warspear altogether. You can hearth back to your garrison to get back into current content, and level 3 Garrisons have a port to Warspear on their outside tower to get to Ashran when needed. With Alliance farming Warspear every 10 minutes, thus give time to people to res and NPC's to respawn, it is much safer to just simply avoid Warspear altogether.

I really think that Blizzard intended on warspear being farmed, and you can't call upon Alliance common sense on this issue, especially when they log to horde toons and taunt horde about how easy it is to farm warspear. The purpose of this thread is to therefore generate discussion on the subject so Blizzard can truly gauge whether this exploit needs to be addressed, or whether Horde just simply have to Abandon this expansions capital in favour of not providing farming opportunities for the dominant faction. And yes, I am sure the same happens on horde dominated realms like Barth, but my understanding is that Stormshield isn't as easily accessible from the ocean as warspear is.
Yes, Horde Frostmourne is just so out of whack that it truly ruins a good server. PvP is good, that is why I like being on a PvP server, but my biggest concern is that farming warspear will only prompt more horde players to either leave the realm or faction change. I would hate to see a massively overpopulated realm like Frostmourne become so out of balance like Thaurissan (7% Alliance and 93% Horde). Frostmourne is presently around 81% alliance and 19% horde, so take away their capital city and you could definitely see that 19% drop even further because people want to experience content, not be farmed so the other side can see more content. Thaurissan has half the population of Frostmourne, so there is room to manipulate numbers. Frostmourne doesn't because the realm is full.

I reckon a good solution would be to either one of the following:

1. Remove broken bones from Warspear, last resort option from my opinion. World PvP is always a good thing, and I am guilty of raiding the opposing faction.
2. Stop the creation or transfer of any more players into the Alliance Faction until numbers balance.
3. Offer transfers to Alliance players to Barthilas or Thaurissan to help balance the numbers.
4. Make a one time offer to GMs and their Guilds of a complete guild transfer of all toons to another realm to balance numbers, thus keeping entire guilds together, and make it a free transfer. This would be a very appealing offer as the biggest dilemma guilds go through when contemplating transfers is leaving people behind who can't afford to transfer.

Overall, I reckon Blizzard should do more to balance the game, be it through population management or incentives. Blizzard doesn't seem to be interested in that particular aspect of the game, but it is a concern that realistically needs to be addressed before we end up seeing Alliance and Horde PvP realms without an opposing faction to PvP with.
Aside from the wonderful progress this provides for Nemesis quests, maybe I just want you to die. ):
12/28/2014 05:05 PMPosted by Filthydkscum
Aside from making the usual observation "oh no PvP happened on a PvP server!" I do agree that farming Warspear repeatedly probably goes a bit further than that. Then again if Blizz didn't want this happening they would've manned it with stronger guards.

I just reckon it's sad what Horde Frostmourne has become these days - a bit of a ghost town. I'm a former Horde player myself and would love to see EMFH nerfed so that we could all go back to playing Orcs, Forsaken & Tauren. (anything but belfs really)

That said I'm not sure I'd class Warspear invasions as an exploit since no game mechanics are being abused.

From what i understand in the beta blizzard were told about this and they just made the npcs stronger, yet that seems like it wasn't good enough.
Couldn't agree more Maugris. Well said!

I myself enjoy World PvP, in fact, I'd go as far as to say that it is the best part of the game, I'm sure many others agree (looking at you Alliance :P )

The problem our realm (Frostmourne) is currently going through, is that the imbalance has become so large, that it doesn't even feel like PvP anymore. Unsuspecting Horde players (many not even of level 100) being slaughtered over and over, it makes me feel like this is the episode of South Park in season 10 we have to live through and experience. It's at the point where I can't even go on my fully geared main and buy new Conquest pieces!?!?

I do not blame ANY Alliance for this 'Horde Tragedy', but alas, this is ruining the balance of the game, and the joy many players pay to experience.

Keen for more thoughts and reply's to Maugris' 4 possible actions. Would like to see some of these ideas take place.
I've enjoyed camping you all for the last few hours now :)
2 hours work yielded 3k bones

Looking forward to more camping for these Nemesis Achievements but may I put in a request for more Goblins and Pandas next time :)
If you're in Warspear for an auctioneer or banker, you could simply build one in your garrison, to completely avoid Warspear. Yet the Horde clearly revisit Warspear numerous times, knowing it is farmed nearly 24/7. Why? Because it's much faster to farm the Nemesis Quests than being in the very broken Ashran.

We managed to get a comeback raid from the horde, which resulted in many deaths of the Alliance. The fact of the matter is that there is a lack of Horde on Frostmourne, hence the low Ashran queues, and easy takedown of Warspear.

It would all obviously fall back to that one saying:
If you don't like it, go play on a PvE Server.
Im here to complain also,

the run between the horde camp and the hand in for my nemesis quests is far too long and needs to be balanced.

on another note, this is more fun then Ashran, and should be considered being implemented permanently.
I'm also going to add that Blizzard did not restrict access to the Shrine's in Mists of Pandaria, and so it became a daily/weekly raid for those with Fire-Watcher's Oath to raid the opposing shrine for Bloody Coins. This also seems intentional in the same perspective.
I think they should merge all servers into the one town that way instead of getting raided everyone would lag easy fix
Gotta love how the Alliance !@#$ talk when they out number us 4:1, i hope you enjoy those 8 hour Ashran ques because they are only going to get worse.
I'm a bit on the fence with the issue. I've been leveling my rogue on horde recently, so I've zoned in several times to find a raid group waiting for me, but since most of them seem to be semi-afk I just stealth past and go to Org. I farmed all my bones for the achievement camping Veil Terrok on a horde heavy server with a group of 3, but whatever works I suppose.

I think for the first time in several expansions world pvp is actually possible due to no guards - which is great - however, it does mean this stuff is bound to happen. I'd be really surprised if it goes on for more than 2 weeks, because I fail to see how you'd get enjoyment out of it when nobody even fights back.

PvP server etc.
12/29/2014 03:02 PMPosted by Mintii
I think for the first time in several expansions world pvp is actually possible due to no guards - which is great
^ I miss wrath when getting in combat with guards didn't agro the whole city.

r.i.p camping in the roof of old SW AH and aoeing everyone down.
I say it's payback for the few jerks who kept farming people leveling in Arak and Nagrand.
Doubt blizzard will do anythin about it, so best bet is to minimise ur time spent in warspear taht way u wont get camped OR give alliance there bones n achievements ;)
If they continue to camp Warspear then players will continue transferring off Frostmourne Horde. The double whammy is when they go from FM Horde to FM Alliance further compounding the problem.

The Ashran queue will grow longer, the Horde Raiding scene will shrink further and the population of Horde players may simply never recover. Frostmourne would become a place where seeing Horde players is abnormal, as is on Kel'thuzad or Sargeras.

There needs to be free faction changes, free guild changes, Alliance only transfers off, alliance transfers to Frostmourne disabled and faction specific queues. As servers have a standard maximum capacity of 4900 splitting that evenly down the middle would encourage players to play the lesser populated side.

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