Legendary Cloak chain: Will it ever return?

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01/20/2015 08:48 AMPosted by Hydromender
Actually you can buy both on the BMAH.

You can't buy jack on the BMAH. Every time I check it out it's dead empty. Worthless stupid piece of the game having an auction house with no items in it.
01/19/2015 11:05 PMPosted by Trashglamøur

Not a huge deal, it was readily available to pretty much everyone for most of MoP, but I'm sure there are some players returning to the game who didn't play Mists, or people who have alts that never did the chain who want it for various reasons.

It's pretty rare for Blizz to make an outdated legendary impossible to get. (Besides Atiesh).

Any idea of if it's ever going to be available to do again?

Who knows? Not long before they removed it, they said they wouldn't take stuff out of the game any more. Then they did. Blizzard has reversed themselves on so much over the years that, frankly, they're liable to do anything. This whole expansion seems to be a statement that most of the past directions that they have chosen are subject to change, for what remains to most people, fairly opaque reasons.
If they can create a quest to make it viable for 100th level, and preserve it's "legendary" status...
*shrugs* Not many people seem to like that idea though.
I think it was removed as a twisted form of "Thank You" for the players who stayed for Mists of Pandaria.

Blizzard lost a few MILLION subs between Cat and WoD; so, I'm thinking it was a "souvenir" to those people who were there when it was actually relevant.

The way they handled the Veteran 10-year Gift makes me think this is the same case. Sort of.

It's an "exclusive" item for sticking around through MoP and staying subbed.
So... what your saying is, they rewarded the players who stayed subbed and played the game, and didn't reward the players who unsubbed and didn't play till WoD was about out? Shameful.

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