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Come on Blizz, Make these guys! Get some good tech finally and make it happen! I don't wanna hear any responses saying they are evil and shunned from the Alliance and Horde. So are Warlocks and Death Knights. And nobody likes rogues.

It can happen! Come on Blizz ogogogo
This has been discussed a thousand times. A Necromancer would just be a Death Knight/Warlock hybrid. It wouldn't really be a new class.
If you think of it in current class terms, sure. But its not too hard to imagine creating a class that can summon more than 1 pet.
IIRC I believe they had an idea for a necromancer class in WOTLK and ended up just rolling their abilities into the DK class because they were too similar.
Basically its what Warlocks and DKs are already

Id like something like a tinker who uses machines but I dont know if that would fit WoWs style
I'm okay playing a DK and a warlock.

Though the mind does wander considering what the next class could be. I'm still wrapping my head around how monks work. I'm okay going another xpac or two without any new classes/races.
I loved the Necro on D2.
It'd be cool, but it'd also be a ranged DK

I'd rather they just added a 4th spec to DKs for it if anything.

Or a glyph for warlocks to change their spell effects and demons and spell names.
01/27/2015 11:24 AMPosted by Saelendra
I loved the Necro on D2.

I loved my necro in Everquest.

However, I did kill myself one time replacing health with mana. That game let you go all the way.
if they do a new class I pray its some type of plate wearing ranged class --- because week after week of disenchanting raid plate drops while clothies are fighting over pieces is frustrating as hell

definitely feel bad for the clothies sometimes
Well, there is a Necromancer class in that "other" game, but it really isn't that much different than a Warlock.

At certain levels, you obtain a new, stronger "pet" to fight for you.

Really, it's about the same. Not sure what WoW could do with the class that would differentiate it from the Warlock. Warlocks are pretty "dark" as it is.
What we need is rangers.
There's only one non caster ranged class and Tyrande and Sylvanas are both considered rangers with Tyrande being a priest/ranger hybrid.
Yup... Necromancer is a DK looking to be Nerfed, just what happened to DKs. When they first came out, I had one. Ton of fun... then the Nerf. POS
I liked Barbarian better
Necromancer can have a tanking class. Lich - Turn into a Lich and be better than everyone.

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